Colorado Man Thought Stepdaughter was Burglar

ColoradoA Colorado man who shot his stepdaughter thought the teen was a burglar. Police were called to the home for a suspected burglary, only to find out that the 14-year-old girl had been killed instead. The 14-year-old is still to be identified, but she was apparently trying to sneak back into the home after being out all night on Sunday.

The news comes just days after Colorado sheriffs refused to enforce the new laws passed by the state regarding  weapons. Marcia Kreiger, a district judge, explained that the sheriffs could not challenge the laws that had been passed; but John Cooke, Weld County Sheriff, made it clear that he and others were not enforcing them. He explained that they were vague and violated the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The laws recently passed include background checks on all those and applying for permits, as well as those already ccarrying them. They also call for a ban on magazines that carried 15 rounds or more.  Of the 62 elected sheriffs in the state, 55want to see the laws overturned.

New laws were passed due to the events over the last few years, including the Aurora Theater and Sandy Hook school shootings. Another shooting occurred at the start of the month, killing 17-year-old Claire Davis. The idea of the new laws is to prevent large threats. Since the introduction of the new law, 72 firearm sales were prevented due to buyers being charged or convicted of serious crimes, but Cooke stated that they were just a “knee-jerk reaction” because of past events.

However, the changes to the law would not have stopped this unfortunate incident. While there has been no confirmation of the type of gun used, one shot may have been all it took to kill this 14-year-old girl, who was mistaken for a burglar.

There is also a law in Colorado, known as the “Make My Day” law, in place to protect a person’s property or self, and to protect someone else’s property. This law allows deadly force in the event of an attack. If the intruder was thought to be committing a crime at the time, the homeowner or individual will not be held liable or face prosecution. In this case, the man was just acting in a lawful way to protect his property when he shot his stepdaughter, providing he did really believe that she was a burglar. There is nothing to suggest otherwise at this time.

Police decided against arresting the stepfather. It is now up to the prosecutors as to whether they will file charges against him. It would suggest that police do not believe he is a threat or guilty of the crime at this time. However, they are still investigating the shooting to see if there was intent or recklessness involved.

It is an unfortunate incident. The stepfather had every right under the laws of the state to protect his property, and even made the call to the police about the suspected burglary. Sadly, he thought his stepdaughter was the burglar.

By Alexandria Ingham

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