Colorado Teenage Girl Shot and Killed by Stepfather

Colorado Teenage Girl Shot and Killed by Stepfather

A Colorado Springs teenage girl, age 14, was shot and killed on Monday morning after her stepfather mistook her for a burglar at her own home, stated Colorado police located in Colorado Springs.

The event happened around 6 a.m. near the 4300 block of Ascendant Drive, just off of Peterson Road and North Carefree Circle. Colorado police authorities stated that they got an emergency call at the time that there was a break-in going on at the above listed residence. Colorado Springs police spokesperson Larry Herbert stated that the initial report came in that a burglary was in the process of happening.

When the local police arrived on the scene, they discovered the teenage girl had a gunshot wound. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died soon afterwards. They did an investigation and discovered the teenager’s stepfather was the individual who fired the shot. However, Herbert stated that it was unclear if the man had mistaken the girl for a burglar or not at that time.

Colorado police released a statement that said after it was determined that the victim’s stepfather was the individual who fired the weapon, he was the one who stated he thought his step-daughter was breaking into the house. The names of the deceased teenage girl and the stepfather have not been released by police detectives, due to the investigation being an ongoing one. The Colorado District Attorney’s Office has also been brought into the case, Herbert explained.

Colorado State Police said they will also be involved in continuing to investigate the incident. It is not clear as of this point if there will be any charges filed in this case. The stepfather has not been arrested as of this time. Everything will be left to prosecutors to choose whether charges will be brought up or not depending on whether police find any new evidence. This is because Colorado has a law called “Make My Day” which allows its residents to legally defend themselves against what they believe to be intruders.

Herbert added that the Colorado Springs District Attorney’s office would release any updates or findings if and when they became available.

People have to be wondering what is going on with the entire state of Colorado. There appears to be so many shootings and rumors of shootings. Colorado is in the news, it seems, just about all the time anymore. If not for school shootings, then various police agencies all around the state have investigated and supposedly stopped suspected school shootings. Now this tragedy has occurred and a young teen believed to a burglar in her own home has been shot and killed. It is only natural she will be compared to Claire Davis even though the events surrounding their respective murders were completely different.

Spokesperson Herbert also urged anyone that might have any information to do with this case to call the Colorado police at 719-444-7000.

Regardless, another teenage girl has died in a shooting in the state of Colorado, no matter what the outside circumstances. This one is just as tragic if not more so because she will most likely receive no national attention.

By Kimberly Ruble


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