Cyber Monday Deals on Hottest Electronics

Cyber Monday Deals on Electronics

For all you shopaholics out there looking out for some of the Cyber Monday deals on the hottest deals electronics this holiday season, you should look no further than these fast selling deals offered by some of the biggest names in technology. Large companies like Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Amazon and Motorola have some of the hottest deals on must have gadgets and software this holiday season because after all, Black Friday’s virtual cousin Cyber Monday is not only more convenient and comfortable than waiting outside of a store for hours on end, but also comes with the added bonus of Black Friday markdowns. So lets take a look at some of the best deals out there this Cyber Monday.

MICROSOFT: Yes, Microsoft, one of America’s largest technology companies, is lashing prices on one of the hottest selling gaming consoles this holiday season, the Xbox One. There are two bundles when you buy the Xbox One as a part of this Cyber Monday’s deals, one including a 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership and two games with purchase on the console for $699.95, a $50 discount. The second bundle for $100 more, piles on an additional controller and an extra game, bringing the total amount of games included to three. No longer will you have to decide between Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto or Halo- you can have them all for the cutdown deal of $799.99

SONY: While the Japanese technology firm may not be bargaining down their Playstation 4 this Cyber Monday, they are offering a deal on the Vita handheld, which can be used as an additional screen for the gaming console. The Vita handheld has been priced at $199.99. There is also a $400 discount on a 69.5 inch HDTV, regularly priced at $2,700.

WALMART: Walmart, America’s largest employer and corporation is offering a 50 percent on a 49.5-inch Samsung model, bringing the price down to a cool $478 Cyber Monday. There is also a deal on the GoPro HERO3 for $199- they’ll even throw in a $30 gift card with the special.

APPLE: Apple, unlike its competitors, isn’t offering much in the way of price markdowns Cyber Monday, but is offering free shipping on all products ordered on Cyber Monday through December 22nd.

TIGERDIRECT: A computer components store, TigerDirect is giving a 20$ discount on any $100 order Cyber Monday- the only catch, as long as you use your Visa. The deal between Visa and TigerDirect to utilize the payment service is said to help boost both the companies profits. But lets say you don’t have a Visa- there are still some deals shopper can save on, including a $70 rebate on Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab. After the rebate, the Samsung Galaxy Tab rests at $129.99.

STAPLES: Staples is offering some sweet deals on Laptops, including the Dell 15-inch Touch Screen Laptop, now marked down to $379.99. The Gateway 20-inch all-in-one PC has been slashed to $299.99. There is also the deal on the Google Nexus 7 16 GB model for $199, saving you the consumer $30.

So whether you’re shopping for your friends, family, or even yourself, there are some great deals out there this Cyber Monday for those looking to save big on this year’s hottest gadgets. From touch screen laptops to gaming consoles, this year’s Cyber Monday is boasting some of the biggest deals on some of the most wanted technologies. So if you’re looking for some big savings, check out these retailers and see what they have to offer before Cyber Monday comes to a close.

by John Amaruso

Washington Post

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