Dallas Cowboys Blow Another Lead, Packers Benefit

Packers come back to beat Cowboys

Adding to the agony that comes with being a Dallas Cowboys fan, America’s team blew another significant lead against the Green Bay Packers. The Packers benefited from the poor defense and managed to come back from a 26-3 half-time deficit to take the lead 37-36 with 1:31 to play.

The Packers appeared to be beaten 36-31 as quarterback Tony Romo took the field with a little over four minutes to go. Incomplete passes and then an interception at midfield turned the tables, however, and the Packers began a push to win. Between quarterback Matt Flynn’s precision throws and running back Ed Lacy’s power rushing, the Packers got down to the red zone and scored. A 2-point conversion was broken up and the Cowboys took over.

At 1:31, Romo and the offense took the field again. Beasley scampered out of bounds, but Romo’s next pass seemed to be intercepted by Tramon Williams. The officials ruled an incomplete pass, but the booth called down for a review. Upon review, the Packers benefits increased, as they were awarded the ball, their timeout and more time on the clock. At 1:22, the Packers knelt the ball down to win 37-36.

The Cowboys are not out of the playoffs, yet.  They simply have to defeat the Washington Redskins on Dec 22, and the Philadelphia Eagles at home to end the season. The second half was all Packers, scoring on every one of their possessions and running over around and through the Cowboys’ defense.
By Brandi Tasby

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