Darth Vader Kicks Off Marketing for Star Wars Episode VII

Darth Vader
Darth Vader Kicks of Episode VII Marketing Campaign

Darth Vader himself appears to have kicked off the marketing campaign for the next installment in the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: Episode VII. Posting from an Instagram account calling itself “the official home of Star Wars on Instagram,” the Sith Lord was seen showing off a picture he had taken of himself captioned “Another day at the office.” The Darth Vader selfie was posted on Sunday and was the first post to the new Instagram account.

While fans are all a-twitter about the Darth Vader photo, they will still have to wait more than two years to actually see the next Star Wars film as it isn’t slated for release until December 18, 2015. In fact, filming isn’t even scheduled to begin until next spring.

With Disney, rather than George Lucas, now in control of the fate of Star Wars and the responsibility to pass on the legacy to a whole new generation of fans, many are not sure exactly what to expect. But if past premieres are any indication there is sure to be a lot more hype to come.  Star Wars fans are known for their dedication having been known even to camp outside theaters to be sure they were able to attend the opening shows when the last series of Star Wars prequels were released. Star Wars films are among the highest grossing box office hits of all time.

Fans may have been a bit queasy when the announcement was first made that Disney would be taking over the Star Wars franchise, but some of those concerns have been alleviated in recent months.  Firstly, there appears to be an unofficial agreement that the new films will have all of the classic Star Wars hallmarks of those previously produced. In addition, it has been confirmed that Lawrence Kasdan, a co-screenwriter for previous Star Wars hits The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi is also co-writing on the current film with director J.J. Abrams. Another reassuring factor for fans is that John Williams who has scored each of the six previous Star Wars films is returning to score Star Wars: Episode VII.

While little is officially known about what will occur and who may be seen in Star Wars: Episode VII, rumors and speculation are running rampant. With Darth Vader’s selfie kicking off the new film’s marketing campaign, fans are now wondering if he (or even the dressed down Anakin) may find a way to make an appearance in the new film. Stars Wars viewers know from prior episodes that The Force makes it possible for even a dead Jedi to take the screen.

With J.J. Abrams’ release of a photo from the Star Wars workshop via twitter a few weeks ago, it is believed confirmed that the beloved droid R2D2 will be  a part of the latest film. It is suspected that if R2D2 is in, then C3PO isn’t far behind.  The general consensus seems to be that there is really know way to make the film work without its three primary characters Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker returning as well. Speculation that Star Wars icons Yoda and Chewbacca will also play a part in Star Wars: Episode VII exists as well, perhaps largely because they have been such a huge part of the previous films and subsequent marketing. Such speculation is sure to be only on the increase with Darth Vader’s selfie kicking of the latest Star Wars: Episode VII marketing campaign, but fans are going to have to wait awhile to see for certain.

By Michele Wessel


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