Demi Lovato Can Not Sit Back and Watch Music Without Being Involved (Video)

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato has confirmed that she can not sit back and watch, whilst she judges the music on X Factor, without being involved in the musical arena herself. She has stated that she will be leaving the show in order to concentrate on her own music career.

Little does she know, Simon Cowell had been talking to her replacement for six months, however he would not reveal the celebrity in question. He also stated he would love to get Miley Cyrus on the show as a judge.

Last Month Demi Lovato spoke to Katie Couric about her views on Disney friend Miley, and said that she thinks the star knows exactly what she is doing, and is a business woman. She joked referring to her own transition from Disney resulting in rehab, and how Miley’s twerking is now a word in the dictionary. However, she did also say that she felt Miley’s shock tactics sometimes overshadow her incredible voice.¬†Although Demi does stick by her childhood friend, how will she feel if Miley replaces her on the X Factor panel in an attempt to save the show?

There have been many questions as to whether Season 4 of the American X Factor will even return. Comments have been made about poor ratings, and also the show costing big bucks because of the judges. If Cyrus were to become a judge in order to stabilize the “train wreck” ratings, she would certainly not be cheap.

Fans of the star have stated that the only reason they watch the show is to see her. However, Demi Lovato can not sit back and watch any longer without being involved in the music herself. With her desire to focus on her music, she is going use the extra time to do more tours and hopefully another album. Her last album Demi, debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 album chart in May.

Below is a video by The X Factor USA, where Lovato went from the judges table to the stage in order to perform her hit song Neon Lights. She received many conflicting comments about the performance.

It has been reported that Demi herself hated it as it wasn’t one of her best musical acts. Some of her fans watching have stated after this performance they agree she should take time off to focus on her music career, because she is “way better” than this. Others stated it was dreadful, and that she sounded flat and like she was screeching. One commentator even said it was hilarious, because it proved that if the judges on X Factor actually auditioned for the show, they would never get through.

However many stayed loyal to Lovato and defended her, stating she sounded and looked like an angel, and also mentioned she had to do this performance whilst she was not well, and that they were having technical difficulties so her earpiece wasn’t working. Therefore the star was unable to hear herself.

Regardless of her X Factor performance, Demi Lovato has confirmed that she can not sit back and watch whilst she judges the music on the show, any longer without being involved. She wants to get back to being stuck into the musical scene, and is wished the best of luck by many.

By Melissa McDonald





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