South Africa a Failing Democracy – The ANC and Spotlight on January Che Masilela

South AfricaThe African National Congress (ANC) is the leading political party of South Africa. The failing democracy and the spotlight on January ‘Che’ Masilela give reason to expose the web of deceit and demonstrate a corrupt sinister government failing the people of South Africa. Smuts Ngonyam, a previous ANC member who now supports one of the opposition parties, said he did not join the struggle against apartheid to stay poor. This sums it up!


The African National Congress (ANC) is the ruling party of South African and describes their national liberation movement as one that will unite the African people and conduct fundamental political social and economic change. The key objective of the ANC is to create a united non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society. Their struggle is enriching the quality of life for all South Africans, principally for the poor. In the words of Nelson Mandela, he is for a non-racist society.

ANC Logo
ANC Logo

The above transparent description appears on their website. The claim to be a united and dedicated party for the poor is politically incorrect. Nothing has happened but corruption spiraling higher as time passes on. The tactics and portrayal of innocence is dividing the real people of the country. The greater the corruption, the easier it becomes for foreign companies to conduct business in the RSA and literally steal more and more.

Comparing South Africa to Zimbabwe is a start. That country is run by a manipulating man; Robert Mugabe has done nothing for his people. Is the ANC government ruling with the same principal? The corruption, high crime level, the rising unemployment numbers, and the basic human rights of hospitals, schools and running water are not part of a democratic society. There is the infrastructure that cannot sustain a nation that continues to grow and without ignoring the spiraling foreign nationalists that enter the country illegally.

Spotlight on January ‘Che’ Masilela

January ‘Che’ Masilela was born on February 23, 1955 in Middleburg, Mpumalanga. He died on August 25, 2008 in a car accident after his BMW overturned on a highway and burst into flames.

January Che Masilela
Jaunuary Che Masilela

Masilela went into exile while serving in the Umkhonto weSizwe (the ANC military base). He remained in Cuba and Angola for most of this time and returned to South Africa in the 1990’s. During this time, Masilela also remained a member of the South African Communist Party (SACP).

Masilela served in the ANC government and remained a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) from 1999 to 2002.

As Secretary of Defense, Masilela played a pivotal role in the signing of international agreements.

It is argued that while serving in this position he was regularly at odds with senior officials. He was involved in lawsuits against the military over irregularities in suppliers contracts.  This is a recurring theme in the government.

It is alleged that Masilela instituted forensic investigations by a company First Consult into the devilish Armscor deal. This investigation revealed the export of Ratel infantry vehicles to Jordan on a so-called government to government contract, and then claims by the government of this equipment being donated to the King. Then came the report of the issue of exported redundant ammunition, exported for less than their scrap value, causing a high loss of revenue for the country. An investigation that is yet to be finalized and proving to be vastly difficult as different commissions of inquiry are announced by the government.

There is the claim that both Masilela and the president at that time Thabo Mbeki acquired a uranium concession from the president of the Central African Republic (CAR). Mbeki promised to supply military equipment to that country. Shortly after receiving the concession from CAR it was sold to a French company for a substantial amount. It was noted that the CAR government denied the French company access. Continued speculation is that not all the promised equipment was delivered, and that is one of the reasons Masilela died.

After the horrid death of Masilela, a Mozambican gangster known as Josh was alleged to have been hired by senior Mpumalanga government officials to organize this assassination. He was told to make his death appear as a car accident. Josh has confessed this to the South African police and is under a witness protection law. He also confessed to being responsible for other sudden unexplained deaths in the country.

The official death of Masilela is stated as a car accident and the guilty remain free.

Unanswered questions

There will always be unanswered questions and speculation will continue to weed its way through the minds of the concerned. Is there an unspeakable evil lurking within the ANC government? It is believed that since 1994 more than 48 million people have managed to become dollar millionaires.

Are the walls of the stronghold party the ANC revealing cracks? Cracks of corruption, deceit and murder hidden within the walls that are crumbling down as investigations continue to stream through and reveal the truth.

The truth will set you free.

But hope springs eternal.

By Laura Oneale (Op-ed)