Demi Lovato X Factor Exit Makes Room for Miley Cyrus [video]

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Demi Lovato's exit from the X Factor makes room for Miley CyrusDemi Lovato leaves X Factor and makes room for Miley Cyrus. Simon Cowell really likes Miley and said he’d love to have her on the show as a judge in the fourth season. Simon also said that his dream team would consist of his previous American Idol partners; Randy and Paula along with someone else who would be fun to watch.

Demi made it official when she confirmed her departure from the show on Wednesday evening. She didn’t mention any conflict or negative reason for leaving. She simply said that was a singer and a musician before starting the show and she was looking forward to getting back to doing what she loves.

Demi said the show was really great but she’s excited about the direction her career is taking in 2014. She’s making a new album and plans to dedicate the year to music and touring.

Simon, X Factor’s creator and fellow judge, said he knew Demi would not be returning to the show for the next season because she will be touring and there is now way she can’t do both. He’s already planned her replacement knowing that her Neon Lights tour kicks off on February 9, 2014.

Demi joined the show in 2012 as a judge for X Factor’s second season. She’s remained for two seasons and knows it’s just time to move on. She’s not leaving her X Factor family completely because she’ll be joined by three acts that were previous X Factor contestants: Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and Cher Lloyd.

Demi said she’ll definitely miss sitting with Kelly and Paulina twice a week as well as mentoring the different contestants. Simon said while it’s true that he and Demi, who he now considers a friend, have had their ups and downs the door will always be open to the singer.

Simon confirmed the show’s fourth season but said he will probably have a new role; although he didn’t clarify what it might be. No mention has been made on whether or not the freshman judges, Kelly Rowland and Pauline Rubio, will be returning for another go round but Simon has no objections to either of them.

The show suffered record low ratings this season but changes to the format of the show are in the works for next year. Simon said the rules will change for the following season; he has some new ideas he plans to implement.

He says the show will look different and may make the same transition ABC’s Dancing With the Stars made by eliminating one of the show’s nights per week. Ultimately we’ll just have to stay posted to see what’s in store for season four, says Simon.

Simon said the addition of Miley would be great because she has a definite opinion about things. Miley is a true star; she’s not without her many critics but that’s what keeps her going. She not only comes from the musical icon Billy Ray Cyrus, but she’s a true musician herself. The older crowd may not appreciate Miley’s recent antics but they’d have to be stubborn to deny the girl’s talent. Simon says Miley knows music and would add a good dose of flavor to the show.

A great line up of judges would include: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kelly Rowland, and of course, Miley Cyrus. This would make for a good mixture and should definitely increase the ratings. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction with Randy leaving American Idol and would gladly tune in to catch him on the X Factor. Kelly has a definite and loyal following and the fans have also expressed how happy they were to have her join the judges for season three. At this stage in her musical career, Miley may be the one with the largest following, so it would be a no-brainer to have her join; if she’s interested.

Demi and Simon battled, mostly joking, for two seasons and now Demi is saying good-bye. Demi Lovato is leaving the X Factor and her exit makes room for Miley, but the real question is whether or not the singer will take Simon up on his offer.



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