DHS Aiding Drug Cartels and Hiring Obama Cronies


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has somehow gotten into the habit of aiding drug cartels in their human smuggling operations, most likely because they’re only hiring Obama bundlers and cronies these days. DHS, that is; there is no definitive evidence that the drug cartels are hiring Obama cronies. This doesn’t mean they haven’t; there simply isn’t any evidence at this time.

Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen exposed the complicity and illegalities that DHS has been engaged in when he revealed the details of four child smuggling cases brought before him in as many weeks. Judge Hanen reported that in all four cases, the minor children of aliens living in America illegally were smuggled across the southern border by Mexican drug cartel members. The same drug cartels which routinely murder innocent civilians and who kidnap Americans for ransom and smuggle underage Hispanic girls into America to be used as unwilling prostitutes in mobile brothels.

Illegal aliens residing in the United States can contract these cartels to mule their children across the border for them. Some pay as much as $8,500 for a single child to be brought north. In all four cases, the smugglers were stopped and captured. At which point, any normal person might assume that the criminals would be sent to prison, and the children returned to the appropriate agency South of the border. In a perfect world, perhaps; but this is the DHS run by Democrat cronies who seem to have no use for established American law.

Instead, the children are packed up by border patrol agents, who apparently have little else to do, and flown at taxpayer expense to the parents, wherever in America they might happen to reside. Then, having ascertained the exact whereabouts of the illegal immigrants – who paid vicious, drug dealing murderers to care for their child en route – DHS completes the delivery of the little tykes. The parents are not so much as slapped on the wrist. No further arrests are made, no deportation is explored, and no fees are levied for the service.

Naturally, word of this excellent scam has gotten around, so the drug cartels are engaging in even more commercial enterprise, subsidized by the U.S. Taxpayer. It’s worth mentioning that the drug cartels are not know to have many childcare professionals on staff, so a number of these children have died along the way, or suffered physical and sexual abuse. A three-year old baby girl was recently found alone near the Rio Grande, abandoned by her smugglers for reasons as yet unknown. There are stretches of the Texas border that are popular with human traffickers, specifically because they are so desolate. Smuggled children are often required to hike those dessert passages under conditions of blistering heat or bitter cold. Paid for in part by the generosity of tax paying Americans and the DHS.


That explains “Aiding Drug Cartels,” but what is meant by “Hiring Obama Cronies?”

Jeh Johnson

Last week, Jeh Johnson was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to head DHS. Johnson won the vote on his appointment by 78-16. Johnson will now run a department with 240,000 employees and a $40 billion budget. It is important to ask what experience and qualifications Johnson brings to the position; on his resume, he has absolutely no executive experience; he has never help a position governing a state; he has never managed an organization of anything near this complexity. His relevant experience in immigration enforcement, port security, border security and airport security are also zero.

Johnson lucked into a chance meeting with Barack Obama back in 2006. He spent a great deal of time raising money for Obama’s campaigns and Democrat reelection war-chests. In 2008, as a top shelf campaign finance bundler, Johnson was appointed to the Obama transition team. Following which he miraculously found he was general counsel to the Defense Department. Working in that capacity, Johnson reportedly “oversaw” Iraq and Afghanistan unmanned drone strikes.

There is absolutely nothing in Johnson’s resume or personal history to recommend him to the position of DHS head. There is no indication he has been responsible for a staff any larger than it takes to host a fundraiser.

This goes beyond simply ignoring illegal immigration; this is willfully aiding and abetting enemies of the state. This is reckless endangerment; not only of the children who we are putting in harm’s way by fostering a climate of encouragement for the vicious animals who transport them, but for the entire Department of Homeland Security. Like the Presidency, heading up DHS is not a position taken for on-the-job-training. If DHS can hire Obama cronies to oversee their aid to the drug cartels, why does America even have a border?

Editorial by Ben Gaul




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