Dinosaurs Extinction Proof Finally Discovered?


Dinosaurs Extinction Proof Finally Discovered?

A recent news report that came from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute states that proof of dinosaurs extinction has finally been discovered once and for all. The dinosaurs were all killed because of both a global dust cloud and firestorm from a meteorite impact which happened about 65 million years ago into what is now the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. It led to them all dying out.

Scientists from Monterey Bay are ready to show evidence that fragments of just such an impact are visible along the Campeche Ridge. This cliff is located in the southern Gulf of Mexico. They are going to present their findings at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union which is to be held in San Francisco. They want to show this impact is what really did destroy the dinosaurs.

The prehistoric meteorite smashed into the Earth and produced a crater which is over 160 kilometers in size.  However, this crater is almost undetectable today. It is buried under hundreds of tons of marine sediment and debris. Although there has been fallout found in rocks located all around the world; surprisingly there has been only sparse research done on the stones which are nearest to the impact site. One reason for this is because they have been so deeply buried inside the ground. The remaining examples of deposits from the crash which are closest to the crater site and have been able to be retrieved have come out of deep boreholes made on the peninsula.

If this is correct, than it will be the first certain proof of how dinosaurs were wiped out. It has been a long belief this was one theory of how they were wiped out but it has never been proven.

In March of this year, an intercontinental team made of up researchers and led by scientist Charlie Paull, created the first complete map of the Campeche Ridge.  The team used sonar equipment aboard the research vessel Falkor. It was operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute.  The subsequent maps have in recent times been merged into Google Earth Maps for screening purposes by researchers.

Paull thought for a while that rock which was linked to the crater might be exposed at Campeche. It is a huge underwater cliff which is located northwest of the Yucatán Peninsula.  It is one of the tallest and steepest underwater structures anywhere on Earth. It is believed that the ridge is about 372 miles in length. The sides are thought to rise up to about 13,100 feet. If these measurements are correct, then the cliff could possibly match the divider of the Grand Canyon if it were not under the sea.

The newly created maps of the Campeche Ridge could possibly open a new period in research about one of the biggest extinction occasions that ever happen on our planet.  Researchers from Monterey and various other institutes are using the maps to get ready for even more studies in the area.  There is just so little known about it. However, scientists are hoping they will soon change that. They are poised that with more analysis of the information and ensuing fieldwork on the cliff, they will learn fascinating new clues in regards to what happened in more detail during the gigantic impact that ended the period of the dinosaurs’ 150-million-year ruling upon this planet.

However, they believe that dinosaur extinction proof has finally been discovered due to their findings.

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