Doe B’s Daughter Comforted by Thousands at Candlelight Vigil

Doe B

Doe B’s three-year-old daughter, Madison, sat on the sidewalk Sunday night as mourners held a candlelight vigil in memory of her father, who was shot and killed late Saturday night. Quiet and somber as she watched, it appeared that Madison couldn’t understand the tragic loss as she was comforted by a sizable crowd who came out to show support for the rapper’s family.

A 25-year-old Montgomery, Alabama man has been arrested in the shooting that killed 22-year-old rapper, Doe B, whose real name is Glenn Thomas. Also killed was 21-year-old Kimberle Johnson, a Troy State University student who was at the club marking her 21st birthday with friends when she was shot in the head, dying instantly.

Jason McWilliams, the alleged shooter, who wears an eye patch and goes by the street name “TrapAintDead,” was handed one count of capital murder for each victim after the shooting incident at the former Rose Supper Club, now known as Centennial Hill Bar and Grill.  When friends alerted the suspect, he turned himself in Sunday night, according to a police spokesperson.

A longstanding clash between Thomas and McWilliams apparently led to the shooting, Montgomery Police Department detectives said.  According to friends of Thomas, the two had known each other for several years and jealousy was a key factor in the shooting.

Shortly after the shooting, McWilliams posted a rambling quote that appeared to threaten someone, possibly Thomas.

Six more people were injured during the nightclub shooting. The nightclub, which has a violent past, was the scene of another shooting in December 2012, in which six people were injured. The Montgomery Advertiser also listed shootings in and around the club in 2007 thru 2009.

After the shooting, the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board terminated the business’ liquor license and Montgomery Mayor, Todd Strange, has decided to close the Centennial immediately as a result of the shooting.

“I believe it is not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ the next tragic incident occurs at this business,” Strange said in a statement. “That is unacceptable, and that is why we have ordered the business to be closed effective immediately.”

Frank White, Doe B’s manager, feels that the rapper had been marked for violence.  White made several tweets following Doe B’s death, saying the club was responsible for allowing another shooting to occur. White also tweeted that he had warned Doe B to avoid Montgomery because it wasn’t safe.  “[I] told him to stay away from this hating ass city! over and over… RIP DOE B,” White tweeted shortly after Doe B’s death was announced.

Montgomery has long had a reputation for crime, yet the crime rate is no better, or worse, than other large cities in the state. While it is lower than Birmingham, Mobile and Huntsville, the Montgomery crime rate of 429 per 100,000 is similar to the national average.

White also tweeted notice of the upcoming release of several of Doe B’s albums, saying, “YALL STILL GONNA HEAR ‪@CBMDOEB HAS AT LEAST 3 CLASSIC ALBUMS ALREADY DONE… NO MORE MIXTAPES, ALBUM COMIN SOON..”

By Jerry Nelson


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2 Responses to "Doe B’s Daughter Comforted by Thousands at Candlelight Vigil"

  1. Allie   May 29, 2014 at 3:34 am

    He talks about what he’s been through which is no different then the next, and where he’s trying to go in life as far as his rap career was concerned, country singer sing sad songs about they’re feelings; heart being broken; keying a car; etc. Despite a rapper rapping about violence, drugs, guns, etc none of them deserve to be gun down due to jealousy, just not liking one another or any of that and you sound ignorant for typing such, but I realize in this world today ignorance is a bliss. { R.I.P Doe B }

  2. Fred   December 30, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    Rap artist!! Promote violence in there music.
    So why are people shocked when this happens? Do you see country stars out gunning each other down. ? No

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