‘Duck Dynasty’ Politically Correct?

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In the recent days since Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson made comments against homosexual acts there has been quite a stir over whether his statements were simply freedom of speech or slander against the gay community. While Phil Robertson and his family have been standing strong behind their beliefs A&E, the network that hosted the show, have been less than understanding by banning Phil from the network indefinitely. But while television networks and fans alike battle it out over Phil’s treatment since the comments many political figures have actually began to defend Duck Dynasty stating that letting Phil speak openly, correctly upholds the constitution as they speak out for his cause.

Amongst one of the first government representatives to back Phil Robertson in his remarks was former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol. They said that government was denying their right to free speech and that they would back the family, when posting comments on Facebook.

Many viewers followed behind them agreeing that they would back the Robertson family. They stated that they would follow Duck Dynasty to any other network, since A&E was having a confrontation with the family over Phil’s removal.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal also defended the Robertson family by stating that they were “great citizens” and that television networks use to believe in such a thing called freedom of speech. Jindal is a possible 2016 presidential candidate who joined forces with Palin to get the message out.

Another Republican following in their favor is Ted Cruz, also a possible 2016 presidential candidate, who believes Robertson is politically correct in using his first amendment speech regardless of his affiliation with Duck Dynasty. Cruz made several statements regarding Phil’s comments including one in which he said, “If you believe in free speech or religious liberty, you should be deeply dismayed over the treatment of Phil Robertson.”

Not only has Phil’s ‘mistreatment’ caught the attention of many republicans but it has caught the attention of everyone in Louisiana as a cancellation of Duck Dynasty could hurt tourism for the state. Louisiana’s Lieutenant Gov. stated that the show was “important to state tourism” and he told the family of the show that he would gladly help them connect with another television network if A&E could not reach an agreement with them.

Then GOP congressional candidate Ian Bayne backed Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty by stating that he was politically correct in defending his religious beliefs, much like Rosa Parks was correct in fighting for freedom. His official statement, “Rosa Parks took a stand against an unjust societal persecution of black people…Robertson took a stand against persecution of Christians,” caused a bit of an uproar for political activists.

Even though Phil is backed by many political figures there are also political figures who are against him.

Drawing major attention against taking a stand by the Robertson family is the largest Republican organization, The Log Cabin Republicans, who believe in accepting gays. They have now reached out to the Robertson family asking to put “all of this behind us” and meet for a moonshine summit, where they can raise a glass and agree to different views.

Though there are groups who back Phil Robertson and groups who go against him one thing is certain amongst all of the data – Duck Dynasty is a popular, money making enterprise that gains a lot of support.

Some Lousiana government officials actually suggested that Phil’s son run for Louisiana governor. While nothing ever came out of that one candidate who was backed by the Robertson family actually won the race over other candidates.

Vance McAllister was elected Saturday night. Many are claiming his election was the result of the support of the Robertson family, which many voters were proud to see.

Duck Dynasty has not only won the hearts of many viewers but it has also become a crutch for political candidates working to make it through elections. Does that make Duck Dynasty politically correct?

By Crystal Boulware

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