Microsoft Gives 20GB of Free Storage

Microsoft SkyDriveMicrosoft has made the decision to award loyal Windows Phone owners by giving them 20GB of free storage. The extra free space is coming from Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage system. If users would like to claim the free offer, they better do so before the 31st of January, 2014, when the offer expires. Windows Phone users will have an extra 20GB of storage added free for a period of one year.

Microsoft announced the deal through an email message sent by Microsoft to all of their phone users. The email said that Microsoft was showing their appreciation to them by giving them an additional free 20GB of SkyDrive storage that will be added to their current 7GB that all their users currently have.

Microsoft hasn’t made any official comments about the promotional offer, so it is not known if the email went to all Windows Phone users, or just to a select few. The wording on the email states that the offer was going to “Windows Phone Enthusiast Users” and only Microsoft themselves can clarify who is considered their phone’s “enthusiast users.” Any current users of Windows Phones, may want to check their emails to find out if they are one of the luckily chosen.

In recent months Microsoft has been talked about in articles about “Project Threshold.” The Guardian Liberty Voice spoke about their new project in this article entitled: Microsoft Windows Rumors on ‘Threshold’. The project will see some unification of Microsoft’s split in product lines and sharing of resources across platforms. Threshold will allow Microsoft engineers to all be working off one core product. Their strategy is the unification of the Xbox One, Windows Phone, and their computer operating systems.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage is an important part of project Threshold. Competition in the smartphone market as well as cloud storage market is quite fierce. The slightest beef in any realm could possibly sway a user to a rival competitor’s service.

SkyDrive is competing against other storage cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, Box, and Dropbox. There are other companies as well that directly compete against SkyDrive, in a battle for grabbing the rights to host someone’s files. Many people have more than one cloud storage account with numerous hosts. SkyDrive provides a suitable and competitive solution for Microsoft.

Cloud storage allows a user to store files up to the cloud, or network of computers. Documents, music, photos, and videos can be stored and accessed from anywhere and on just about any internet-enabled device. Users can share some files with friends if they wish, or they can keep the files private and to themselves.

One of SkyDrive’s best features is the integration of Microsoft Office documents. The feature allows a SkyDrive user to get access to Microsoft’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote Web Apps. These programs and tools are accessed directly through a user’s browser for convenience.

Giving away 20GB of SkyDrive free storage is not the only deal Microsoft is currently offering. Those purchasing a Surface Pro 2 or Surface 2 tablet will get an additional 200GB of free SkyDrive cloud storage from Microsoft.

By Brent Matsalla

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