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Last week, Dylan Sprouse, formerly of The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, had nude photos of himself leaked on social media. The former Disney star dealt well with the fallout, admitting freely it was him in the photos. He was even teased about it by his brother Cole.

On Saturday, more nude photos-this time graphic-leaked online. According to Perez Hilton, two photos are graphic and not safe for work viewing (NSFW). Both are frontal pics, with one showing Sprouse cupping his genitals, the other photo is a full frontal with wetness on his chest and torso.

Dylan Sprouse has not responded to this second set of explicit photos.

When the first set of photos leaked last week, Sprouse, 21, responded to the brouhaha on his personal Tumblr account, saying he was proud of the photos but did not expect them to be on the Internet. While the outcome was unfortunate, he said the leak was due to his “misplaced trust” in the person to whom he had sent the photos. Even so, he was proud of his physique because he had been working hard at the gym. The stuffy American attitude toward nudity, he said, is not really healthy and he did not want his work and academic integrity to be called into question. He wants to continue to be a role model for kids despite this unfortunate incident but hoped his handling of the situation with lighthearted humor would reflect positively on him.

Dylan Sprouse has aimed for a career beyond television. He does photography and is a video game developer. According to his bio, his interest in art began when he was young. His mother is an artist so she encouraged her son’s artistic side to blossom. Sprouse’s influences include artists Goya and Hieronymus Bosch. He is currently a student at NYU, studying Art and Design.

Dylan Sprouse may have shocked his fans the first time with the leaked photos but the new photos will be even more shocking because of their explicit nature. Even so, the fallout has been pretty positive; his fans actually are loving the photos, judging from Twitter reactions. Sprouse gained more followers after the first leak and that shouldn’t change with these new photos. If anything, he will likely gain even more followers and fans. As Dylan Sprouse said before in his Tumblr post, these photos were not intended for the public.

Shocking Naked Celeb Scandals

Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives had nude photos of herself leaked online after they had been disposed of, but a trash removal company recovered them. Cross was evidently mortified when this happened.

Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy had posted a naked selfie before it was leaked. He was bemused by the Internet reaction, calling it “absurd” and he didn’t understand what the fuss was about when it came to “some s****y, dirty boy.”

When Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell had nude photos of herself as a teenager revealed to the public, her young fans were confused and upset.

Actress Cameron Diaz took naked photos as a teenager, for which a photographer attempted to blackmail her for millions. Luckily, the photographer went to jail.

Dylan Sprouse handled the first leak like a champion, with more graphic photos leaked, it is expected he will handle it, as best as he can. Fan support certainly helps ease the sting of the leak.

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