Dhoom 3: Bang, Bang, Bang

Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 (Bang 3) living up to its name is a bang with the Indians. Amir Khan, mister perfection, has the mythological Midas touch. Any film he stars in, whether an art film or the commercial masala flick, he turns it into gold. His latest venture Dhoom 3 is no different.

Indians are the best in churning out one masala film after another. It is their mastery at this genre that has made Bollywood the biggest film industry in the world. The plot of a masala movie is simple. A love triangle. A rich gal falling hopelessly in love with a poor guy or vice versa. Rich family’s traditional objections, especially because of the prevalent caste system in India. A villain trying every trick in the book to separate the lovers. Spice of slap-stick and often sickening humor. Couple of songs in exotic locations, ranging from the snow-covered peaks of Switzerland to the pristine beaches of Mauritius. Twists and turns involving the foils. Melodramatic emotional scenes, often involving the mother of the protagonist. Spine chilling stunt scenes often of the fast and the furious kind. Dramatic denouement involving the love-lorn couple and finally the marriage. An ending which leaves all the parties happy and satisfied. Millions spent in making such a film and billions earned by the producers at the end of the day.

This time round, as always, the director said, Dhoom 3 is different. Making this statement in itself implies that it is going to be the same old stuff, re-cycled, canned and put on the wide-screen. The film-makers know they are lying but still they make the film. The audience knows it all too well that its a lie but still they go to watch the film. They surely did in droves as far as Dhoom 3 is concerned which by the look of things is going to break all box-office records.

The name Khan is now synonymous with anti-masala cinema. It came as a surprise that he is starring in a commercial masala venture, but a pleasant one never-the-less. It is expected that if Khan has accepted a role in a movie than it is bound to be different. The film critics were proved wrong this time round. Dhoom 3 is yet another masala film with all the above ingredients. The only difference is Khan, who has the singular honor of making the anti-hero from a zero to a hero in Bollywood. A perfectionist to the hilt he lives up to his standards in this fast-moving, raunchy and in ways innovative masala Dhoom 3.

As was expected the Khan with the other mega cast makes it a good cinematic experience. The critics on a scale of one to five, after watching the select premiers of the movie rated Dhoom 3 a four and a half. Wonder what they will do with the other half.

After all the fuss that went into the making of this mega-star flick Dhoom 3, the opening shows that it is a success on the box-office. The sure signs of a film being a hit with the audience are long lines outside cinema houses that cause huge traffic jams; a fight or two and consequently a blue eye or a bleeding nose to show that they made it into the hall ; constant pulling and shoving, and the selling of tickets in dark cul-de-sac. As Dhoom 3 fulfills all these requisites, it is a success on all these counts. Three cheers for Dhoom 3, bang, bang, bang.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


The Economic Times

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