Facebook Losing the Charm as Teens Log Out

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A few years ago Facebook peacefully managed to bury Orkut in grave. Now, it is becoming the secondary choice for teens compared to social media competitors – Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, We chat and Twitter. To most teens Facebook has already died and been buried into a coffin. The ceremonies have also ended, it is time for something new. In true sense, Facebook has lost its charm to allure teenagers. Everyday teens are deactivating their accounts in search of something new, including new contacts.

Among the dropped accounts, most belong to the 16 to 18-year old bracket. Teens are annoyed with Facebook as their parents are lining up to the network and spending a lot time on it. So, the personal things they once valued, do not seem so personal anymore, now that their parents are plugging in. Facebook lost its level of intrigue and mystery for teenagers.

“Where once parents worried about their children joining Facebook, doing precarious deeds, the children now in reverse said it is their family that  insisted them to stay there and post about their lives,” said Daniel Miller, a Professor of Anthropology at University College London, who works on the Global Social Media Impact Study. Facebook now has become an open book for parents to peer into their child’s activity, instead of of the digital diary teens once enthralled in.

“A teen can’t be young and free to express anything he or she wants if you know your parent can access the every detail you’re writing,” said Professor Miller knowingly. Teens cannot access Facebook as freely anymore, they are righteously moving into cooler things, that may not be as mainstream. Facebook, in that sense, curbed the freedom of expression. In Italy, 80 percent of adolescents were compelled to change their privacy settings on Facebook due to their parents monitoring levels. European kids are rejecting it to protect their privacy. There are a slew of reasons teens are departing  from Facebook. The charm of Facebook is seemingly, officially, lost on teenagers.

Professor Miller, writing on an academic news website about this topic, added that research found, “slick isn’t always best,” even though teenagers that took part in the study admitted that Facebook is technically better than its rivals. Still, as long as the rivalry is not easily accessible by parents, Facebook is on the cusp of losing the battle. In their words, “It isn’t cool anymore.”

In Miller’s own words, “….the closest friends are lately connected to each other via We chat, Snapchat, WhatsApp  or Instagram; these are verily used to communicate with quite close friends and Twitter the wider friends. Instagram can include strangers and is used a little differently. Facebook, on the other hand, has become the link with older family, or even older siblings who have gone to university or likewise.”

Facebook may be free, but to teenagers, the price is much too high when their parents start logging in and start checking them out. The government has already decided to sneak peek into internet data records, as listed by previous reports. Now it seems, teenagers are ready to take leave when parents start joining government officials to tag and monitor their profiles.

The adage Facebook is adopting from teens? “Dead and buried.” It is truly the time for good, old Facebook to retire; it is very feeble and cold. The Facebook lovers have already moved on, ready to conquer a new social media hill. Teenagers are logging out from Facebook in droves, as its charm is lost and there is nothing more to connect to.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul



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