Fast Food Worker Guilty of Serving Marijuana Burger

Fast Food Worker Took the Term "Burger Joint" Too FarA fast-food employee is guilty of serving an unsuspecting customer a marijuana burger. Amy Elizabeth Seiber was arrested for adding an unappreciated condiment to a woman’s cheeseburger. Seiber accidentally dropped her half smoked joint inside the customer’s burger.

According to the Lovejoy Police Department, an angry customer called 911 after stopping by a Wendy’s in Lovejoy, Georgia to grab a bit to eat. The problem surfaced as soon as she took the first bite and found Seiber’s blunt right on top of the cheeseburger’s pickle.

The unsuspecting customer drove home before she attempted to consume the burger and once she took the first bite she noticed a weird small coming from it.

The customer reached out to the police as well as the manager to complain about the “burger joint.” She then arranged to meet the police at the franchise in order to file her formal complaint.

According to the incident report from Officer Randall Rowland, the 32-year-old worker did not hesitate to admit ownership of the blunt. Seiber said that she quickly admitted her error because to lie would be foolish. No one else was working at the time the incident occurred other than Seiber and the franchise’s manager.

The woman who found the half smoked marijuana had gone through the drive-thru window to place her order; Seiber was working the grill at the time. Seiber told Officer Rowland that she had misplaced the marijuana and didn’t mean for it to end up in the customer’s burger.

According to authorities, Seiber confessed that she had been smoking weed on the job and simply misplaced the remaining portion of the joint that she hadn’t smoked. The worker unknowingly dropped the blunt right on top of the pickle.

Seiber was arrested on the spot and, of course, fired instantly. A spokesperson for Wendy’s fast-food restaurant said that it’s obvious that the employee broke the rules and did not follow the proper guidelines as it relates to the handling of food. The representative went on to say that they are deeply sorry that the customer had to experience this and they are working on a favorable outcome with the woman.

The customer told law enforcement that as a result of this experience she endured symptoms that mirror those of food poisoning and had to spend time in the hospital. The restaurant has apologized and offered to help pay her medical bills. They have also thrown in a gift certificate for $50; as if she’ll ever eat there again.

Seiber has also apologized to the customer and her manager. The joint was taken as evidence to accompany the police report.

The fast-food employee, Amy Elizabeth Seiber, is guilty of serving an unsuspecting customer a cheeseburger with a half smoked joint inside. Seiber was fired and arrested for her actions. She said she had no intentions of giving the customer a marijuana burger; it was simply an accident.

This incident occurred at a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant in Georgia. It’s not clear whether Seiber was more apologetic for the incident or because she couldn’t finish smoking the blunt. After losing her job and being arrested she probably felt as if she could have made better use of the remaining half of the cigar rolled joint.

Wendy’s has expressed deep sorry for the customer’s experience and is working towards a favorable outcome for victim.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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