Cody Walker Silent at News Paul Walker Scenes Will Stay in Fast & Furious 7

Cody Walker Silent at News That Paul Walker Scenes Will Stay in Fast Furious 7

Cody Walker has remained silent at the news that brother Paul Walker’s scenes will stay in Fast & Furious 7. After Vin Diesel let the cat out of the bag about the new release date of Fast & Furious 7 via Facebook yesterday, Universal studios confirmed not only the new premiere date change, but they say that the Paul Walker scenes are going to remain in the 2015 finished film. The film has been on an indefinite hiatus after the death of 40 year-old Walker on Nov. 30 this year.

Walker made his name playing the character of Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise. Filming on Fast 7 began in September this year and according to Universal Pictures over half of Walker’s scenes were in the can. The production then halted for the Thanksgiving holiday and it was during this break that the star died in a horrific car crash in Valencia, California.

The philanthropic actor was attending a fundraising event for his charity Reach Out Worldwide which was raising money for the Philippines after a typhoon devastated the country. His friend and business partner, and partner in the charity, 38 year-old Roger Rodas was driving the red Porsche Carrera GT that crashed and killed both men.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the cause of the fiery crash which has been surrounded with conspiracy theories and rumors of murder. Speculation as to the reason that Walker, and Rodas, might have been “silenced” had a wide range of theories that included the Illuminati, drug cartels and government drones. Police have not come up with a definitive answer as to why driver Rodas lost control, but, the family and stunt experts blame the plastic speed bumps on the Valencia road that, they say, can make a vehicle hydroplane.

Universal Pictures has been examining its options to keep Fast & Furious 7 on track without running up a $150 million insurance bill. Writers are working frantically to re-work the film’s plot while sources reveal that the filmmakers intend to keep the character of Brian O’Conner in the film. Cody Walker has been silent at the news that scenes shot by Paul Walker will stay in Fast & Furious 7. It is still open as to whether or not producers of the film will kill off Paul’s character in the latest installment of the popular franchise.

It has been reported that Cody Walker, the 25 year-old younger brother of Paul, has been approached by Universal with the idea that the “lookalike” sibling take over his late brother’s role. The two men are of a similar size and shape and Cody looks enough like Paul that the studio could use CGI to make the younger brother look even more like Paul.

There has been no word from the stuntman Cody or the Walker family as to whether or not the younger Walker will definitely be stepping in for his late brother. Some sources have stated that Cody will most likely say yes in order to honor his deceased older brother. There has been no other official word from Universal Pictures or the film’s director James Wan on what Cody would be doing in the role.

Universal pictures have confirmed that the Paul Walker scenes will be part of the 2015 final film premiere of Fast & Furious 7. Brother Cody Walker has been silent at the news as he hasn’t yet given an answer about his stepping in for Paul. The studio have also backed up co-star Vin Diesel’s leak of the new release date of April 10, 2015. It has also been stated that filming will re-commence in January 2014. By that time it may be revealed as to whether or not Cody Walker has agreed to help the studio out.

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  1. gabriel palacios fan of FF MOVIES   February 2, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    Please sqy yes I really want to see FF7 please and I really loved paul walker he was the best please say yes please love paul walker

  2. yokiter santiago   January 20, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Please Cody please say yes the only reason i watch all the fast and furious seasons is because of Paul and with you in it. It is going to be just the same

  3. kelis   December 29, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    I find it weird how his brother is taking so long on answering about this.. Many people would do this, just because they know how important this role was to Paul walker. I understand mourning his death but he’s just taking way to long on giving a simple “Yes or No” So I agree with the poster (jared) something is wrong if he doesn’t.

  4. jared   December 26, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    If cody walker dont do it, then somthing is wrong

  5. 1st125th.   December 24, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Love him !!! Yes !! But with out him yes not worth it !!! Only if u can make it strong with out him ??? … He made the hole movie !!! :'( ….
    Vin !! Two with out him I didn’t want to watch !! But come back was awsome .:) great !!! As long as u make it as great as he was here !!! People will still watch !!

  6. BY   December 24, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    You want a good movie for this release contact me. I have the best way to do this movie. Iresponded b4 but it seems your site says error when I put comment. So I give up typing it numerous times


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