Final Fantasy VIII Comes to the PC with the Help of Steam [Video]

Final Fantasy VIII now on steam

In 1999 Square Soft released Final Fantasy VIII for the original PlayStation. It was the fastest selling game in the series until Final Fantasy XIII. If you missed the opportunity to play it because you were still wrapped up in Final Fantasy VII, the game is now coming to PC. It will be available on PC and can be downloaded from a number of game shops but it has some extra content thanks to the help of Steam.

The digital download comes with 45 achievements along with enhanced visuals to increase how great it looks on high-definition PCs. When the game came out it already looked spectacular but now that the title is getting close to 15 years old the graphics are not necessarily what most gamers would call spectacular anymore.

US gamers will get to take part in the feature Chocobo World which was previously unavailable to those playing anything but the Japanese version of the game due to a special device that had to be used called the Pocket Station. The technicalities are not important here, what is important is that now everyone can play with chocobos! The game also comes with a new feature called the “Magic Booster” which maxes out the stock of certain magic. It is a bit sort of like a cheating mechanic but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

Final Fantasy VIII (8) on steam

The steam release of Final Fantasy VIII makes use of the Steam Cloud which means that gamers can use their save data on different PCs. However the release is only supported on Windows and not Linux or Mac.

Those that haven’t played this game in the series should seriously give it a chance if they like turn-based RPGs. The magic and summon (GF) system in this game is different from every other Final Fantasy installment. Some would also argue that it is the most romantic game in the series (in case you couldn’t tell from the logo) but it is also full of action and some truly epic battles. Also Final Fantasy VIII includes a simple to learn (but secretly deep) card game in which you can battle nearly any character in the game and if you don’t like the cards you have you can turn them into items or magic instead.

The story of Squall Leonhart is an interesting one that goes through a number of unexpected changes that most games don’t dare to try. That being said he isn’t necessarily the only protagonist in this game. If you intend to play this game keep in mind that the game levels up with you. If you fight a boss at a low level it won’t have very much HP but if you fight it when you are at a higher level it will have more HP and be harder to kill. You don’t really have to grind in the ordinary sense to play this game which is exactly why the new “Magic Booster” can make this game a much quicker experience than in the past.

Above you will find the new release trailer. Below you will find the original intro in slightly better definition. Final Fantasy VIII is priced at $11.99. If you have a PC and want to play this game for your first time or your simply revisit it, it can be purchased from a number of different online retailers but Steam is selling the version that comes with the additional features. If you want to be dazzled by summons, floored by character experiences, and creatively enhance your characters with the elaborate conjunction system give this title a shot.

By Garrett Jutte

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  1. Chris LeFors   December 6, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    Excellent article! Helped me remember why I enjoyed FFVIII so much, and now I’m seriously debating whether or not I should buy it on Steam!


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