Google Glass Wearer Forced to Leave Restaurant

Google Glass, diner kicked out

A Google Glass wearer was recently forced to leave a Seattle restaurant for refusing to take off the device. The night manager of Lost Lake Café & Lounge asked Nick Starr, a network engineer to “refrain from wearing and operating the device inside the restaurant.” At that instant Starr challenged the order of the restaurant and asked to be shown the policy banning the device. He says that he has already eaten at this same restaurant before while wearing the device.

The eatery could not find what was requested by the diner but nonetheless insisted on maintaining its position banning the device inside the premises. Starr, who was dining at that time with his boyfriend, insisted he had a right to wear the device but eventually decided to leave the restaurant. In his Facebook posts, Starr noted that the restaurant is even encouraging their customers to take pictures of the premises and post it and share it in their Instagram accounts. Using the high tech glass is no different from this one, he added.

The owner of the Seattle-based Lost Lake Café & Lounge also owns another eatery that previously banned Google Glass wearers inside his other restaurant. Last March, The 5 Point Café, a dive bar became the first restaurant in Seattle to ban the high tech spectacles even if it is not yet being sold in the market. Dave Meinert, the bar owner said at that time that his customers usually go to his place inconspicuously and therefore recording them even if not intentional is not to their best interests. He added that etiquette must be observed when using the device because people will not really know if somebody is taking a video or a picture of them.

Representatives of Lost Lake Café & Lounge also posted on their Facebook account their policy with regard to the use of the device. It asks their customers to refrain from wearing and using Google Glass otherwise they will be asked to leave. And if the customers leave, the announcement added, “…don’t start yelling about your ‘rights’. Just shut up and get out before you make things worse.”

Many are now wondering, if business establishments have really the right to eject customers wearing Goggle Glass? According to Findlaw, a website that provides legal information, any business establishment can ask a person to leave the premises when that said customer is just sitting around and not buying anything. However, such actions should not be done using the person’s physical characteristics like height, weight, race, color or sex and then assuming the person will not pay. Anything outside of this context, the business owner has the right to eject customers for not following the establishment’s own rules and regulations.

The Google Glass aside from its ability to take photos and record videos is also capable of providing maps and directions, locating somebody, issue travel alerts, issue weather updates and personal reminders, for use in social media among others.

Lost Lake Café & Lounge and The 5 Point Café maybe located in a tech-savvy town and home to tech giants Microsoft and Amazon but both restaurants are not that too keen when their customers are using the latest gadgets while inside their premises. Thus, the restaurant management can force their customers to leave if they refuse to comply with request urging them to refrain from wearing their Google Glasses.

By Roberto I. Belda



Atlanta Journal Constitution