Google Nexus TV Box Set to Arrive 2014 With Touchpad Remote

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There is something incredible when one considers the thought of having a Google Nexus TV branded box set sitting in their living room.  The rumor mill is extremely hot this morning with the leaked word from an unnamed sourced within Google. The large web search guru may be delving into further connections with the public. Earlier this year, Google released  an affordable HDMI device called Chromecast and now it seems the company is looking to expand its streaming abilities.

For just about $35, consumers were able to plug the Chromecast into an HDMI port and stream materials like movies from their tablets, computers and even smartphones to the big screen. With a sense of simplicity, the device could spare a buyer the higher cost of say a Roku device or even Apple TV. Consumers could access Netflix from their computer or other mobile device and dish out just $35 for a wireless stream to their television. It seemed Google was more about connecting with the public over profit.

Now it seems Chromecast was leading to much greener pastures. With the reports stemming from an anonymous source – the public can see 2014 becoming the

year of the TV. The Google Nexus TV box set with touchpad remote is slated to arrive in early 2014, with the following features:

  • The television was formerly dubbed Google TV and replaced with Nexus, to formulate a uniformity with its Android mobile devices.
  • The TV will be Android-based, more than likely running on an advanced Jelly Bean or even KitKat operating system.
  • Will Nexus TV Chromecast built-in?
    Will Nexus TV have Chromecast built-in?

    The TV will be app enriched to include the aspects of Netflix, Hulu and additional streaming channel options.

  • The source reports, consumers will be able to play video games from the television as well.
  • Reports suggest Android mobile devices will be able to handle the remote handling process or a touch screen remote will come inclusive with the purchase.
  • The source was hesitant when it came to confirming if the TV box set would permit Live TV. It seems Google may be aiming to make it an enriched “gaming” box, that would become a stream heavy device.

This can be an incredible move for Google, considering the level of acceptance and demand from tech heads. Then again consider its competitors; the Xbox One alone comes with features that make it a juggernaut. Microsoft formulated a machine that also integrates a camera, microphone and ability of enhanced voice control – will Google boost a device that can potentially topple the aspect of those sales? Perhaps. Fans are wondering if the Nexus branded box set would have a Chromecast built-in, currently mums the word on information pertaining to that inquiry.

The streaming world is conquering many aspects of both the cable industry and the live TV facet. Certainly, shows like X Factor, the Grammy Awards and more primetime television shows – live TV will not be going anywhere for ages to come, but one has to wonder the bite streaming devices are taking from it. A report from Parks Associates displayed a stunning fact; about 55 percent of American households turn to streaming content using their television screens.

The research team saw a developed and consistent increase in streaming devices, a 7 percent increase in just two years. Leading the way of choice is Roku and Apple TV. It’s expected at some point, TV manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung and more will have to consider hybrid televisions to handle the various use of its sets. Now in 2014, consumers will be handed another choice – a Google Nexus branded TV box set is entering the melee and may be bringing a touchpad remote along with its sale. What do you think about this latest rumor stemming from Google? Announcement on the Google Nexus TV is expected to hit the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show which takes place in January.


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