Got Insurance? Don’t Worry

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Got Insurance? Don’t worry. It’s deadline day, have you signed up for Obamacare today? According to the law you MUST sign up for Obamacare today or you will not be insured by January 1 and will face a fine and maybe, just maybe jail time. So go do it now. Huh? What? Today isn’t the deadline day? They moved it up a day and didn’t tell anyone? It’s tomorrow instead but you don’t have to follow the law? You can try to sign up but if you can’t don’t worry about it the government says not to worry.

You have signed up but haven’t received a bill and can’t pay for it? You don’t know if you will be covered because you haven’t received any confirmation? That’s okay you can just go to your doctor or hospital and tell them you are covered and they will treat you anyway. After all the government says they will true up with the both of you later. It’s the honor system, what could possibly go wrong?

Even today, as we hear reports of state websites crashing, such as the one in Massachusetts, President Obama and his administration insist everything is going as planned even continue to insist the millions of people have signed up. Why even Barack Obama himself is going to interrupt his golf game to sign up today. That should make everyone feel good. He can tell everyone he has got insurance through Obamacare. What? He is going to sign up but he doesn’t really need to because he already has his own personal physician as does the rest of his family? Does that include Uncle Omar and Aunt Zetuni who both came here illegally? Are they on his family plan? Surely all those representatives and senators will be signing up today and are sure to be very happy with the plan. What that’s, they have been exempted and don’t have to live by the same rules as the people who elect them and pay their salaries? Go figure.

We have to give the government credit though because they have certainly done everything they promised. Remember how you were told you could keep your current health plan and your doctor? And remember how you were told your healthcare would be so much better and affordable, well that is going just as planned. What? It isn’t? You lost your coverage and doctor and your premiums are higher and your coverage is worse? You have to pay $20,000 in deductibles? Really? How can that be? You must be mistaken, the government would never lie.

At least everyone still loves Obamacare since it is the best thing since sliced bread. All those young people are just flocking to sign up, at least when the website works, and everyone is just, to quote the folks at “Duck Dynasty”, “Happy, Happy, Happy.” Why just today a new CNN/ORC poll shows that 62 percent of people asked are in favor of Obamacare. Certainly that is a good thing. What? It’s not 62 percent in favor, rather 62 percent opposed? Oh. Well then that number must be climbing right? It’s the lowest ever? It’s never been over 43 percent in favor? How can that be? Maybe all those people who got insurance have realized they don’t want to pay for those who haven’t got insurance.

Commentary by Paul Roy

Boston Herald
Washington Post

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  1. Ben Gaul   January 22, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    Paul Roy. Thanks for a great article written with humor and insight. Sharing!

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