Grillo Sisters Not Guilty in Nigella Trial

Grillo Sisters Not Guilty in Nigella TrialSister Francesca and Elisbetta Grillo have been cleared of charges of fraud brought against them by Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson.  The jury came to this verdict on the second day of deliberations Friday.  They were accused of spending over £850,000 on company credit cards.  They were not in Isleworth crown court to hear the verdict as one of them, Elisabetta had taken ill. She had suffering from panic attacks throughout the trial, a fact of which the jury were kept unaware. At one point, she had stopped breathing and paramedics were called.

Ms. Lawson has released a statement wherein she says she is “disappointed but not surprised.” She blames the “ridiculous sideshow of false allegations” about her supposed drug use, which received so much coverage during the three-week trial.

David Cameron, who was in trouble with the judge at one point for declaring he was on “Team Nigella,” declined to comment and pleaded the Fifth.

Scotland Yard confirmed they will not be taking any further action on the allegations of drug use.

Defense lawyers for the sisters thanked the jury for their attention, in what had been a long and harrowing case conducted in the full glare of the media. They also said the sisters would like to thank their friends and family for all their support.

By Kate Henderson

Daily Telegraph

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