GTA 5 Cheat Codes and Chaos Joins Top 10 Video Games of 2013

entertainment, technology, gta 5, top 10 video games, 2013

 entertainment, technology, gta 5, top 10 video games, 2013

Gamers of Xbox 360, PS4, Nintendo Wii, 3DS and PC gather around for the top 10 video games of 2013. Its list may be diverse, based on who is doing the reviewing, but one constant remains. GTA 5, just launched in September  has drawn in serious revenue, due to its dedicated fanbase.  Rockstar Games has a way of putting out interactive, digital worlds that encompass the global reach of gamers. Joining GTA 5, several other games remained constant as the top choices.

10. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag


Immerse in the ancient times of today and the year 1715. For gamers who love pirates, sailing the high seas and a mega-fast ship, this game is perfect for selection. It has excellent multiplayer features like Game Lab, which allows gamers to create their own game modes. The game is intricate and offers a fantastic array of missions while at sea. Not exactly the “oomph” behind assassin, but a completely, enriched gaming experience.


9. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Joining the top 10 video games of 2013 is FFXIV. Square came back with a homerun with the newest FF installment. The MMO experience is significantly improved and pretty addicting. The game launches that oh-so-wonderful essence of FF while providing an enriched MMO experience. The MMO industry has been severely lacking, until FF XIV was introduced. The amount of items to choose from, such as increasing skills to building enemy types, makes this game a winner.


8. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


Rated pretty high by critics and gamers alike, the Legend of Zelda continues to draw in interest. A Link Between Worlds, brings back a sense of nostalgia while impressing new features; there is the ability to stick to walls and the implementation of the new magic bar. Drawing gamers into a new world is Zelda’s mission and it has yet to fail.


7. Dead Rising 3


With a little bit of quirky added, Dead Rising 3 remains a top pick for Xbox gamers. Instead of focusing on zombies within the confines of a mall, the game has expanded into the city of Los Perdidos. Gamers were impressed when they could enter other buildings within the city and combine weapons, to create new ones. The timers were increased to allow more interaction with the side quests, permitting Dead Rising 3 to become easily accepted by more gamers.


6. Guacamelee!


Familiar with Metroid or Castlevania? Then gamers will love Guacamelee! Enter the agave farmer Juan, who places on a discovered luchador mask and becomes a talented Mexican wrestler, title belt included. Drinkbox Studios created a campy yet creative gaming mix that is actually pretty enjoyable. The goal of the game is to save El Presidente’s daughter from the evil skeleton, Calaca. Love a great and enjoyable game for the PC or Vita? This is it.


5. Super Mario 3D World


Not putting Mario on the list may be eliciting a gaming crime. The video game has received high marks for content, graphics and ease of multiplayer selections. With the new Super Bell feature introduced, Super Mario 3D World owns an impressive spot on the top 10 2013 video games roster.


4. Tomb Raider


The reboot of Tomb Raider is dressed to impress and it succeeded. The animations, per critics, made this video game a pure sensation to play. The 3D experience grips gamers from the start and leads them through amazing adventures on a forgotten island. This game is placing previous predecessors to shame.


3. Gone Home


In this curious choice for the top three spot, Gone Home is a different method for users of PC gaming. This first person game is not about fragging or shooting all of the bad guys. Instead it focuses on exploration, mystery and the discovery to help a daughter locate her family. Unconventional yet skillful, the game actually dominates the fabric of role-playing and makes it addictive. The narrative aspect of gameplay has been called “riveting,” by many surprised gamers.


2. GTA 5


Rockstar Games make games that bring out the intent of mayhem, stress release and utter fascination. There was no exception to their video game rule, when GTA 5 released this past September. GTA 5 took the best elements of San Andreas and GTA 3 to deliver an interactive gameplay that is nothing short of stellar. With abrasive parody and an immense world of access, GTA 5 sits very comfortably in the second spot. This masterpiece will entertain the most hard to please gamer. From heists, online crews and cheat codes, GTA 5 is winning.

1. The Last of Us


Wow. Epic. Intimate. Insane. 5 stars. An utter masterpiece. I’m addicted, life over.

These are just some of the testaments from gamers when they encounter The Last of Us. Joel, a survivor emerging 20-years after a pandemic is this video game’s hero.  Immersed within a landscape that demands action, survival skills and stealth, the Last of Us is marking a serious change in the way gamers approach gaming. Gamers have praised the character development behind Joel and 14-year-old Ellie, who is smuggled by Joel from a military quarantine. It’s raw approach leading into a journey that has been called unforgettable makes The Last of Us, the king of the video game realm in 2013.

The top 10 video games of 2013 listed impressive slots by GTA 5, a luchador wrestler and Mario. As Ps4 and Xbox One become a national, household staple  – 2014 is expected to become fiercely competitive with the top spots. Have a video game favorite listed here or not? Share your gaming experiences in the comments.


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