GTA V Details New Capture Mode in Patch 1.08

GTA Online Capture Mode

Tomorrow GTA V and GTA Online fans will have the opportunity to download the newest patch, 1.08. The patch is of course free and fixes more than 20 bugs and issues along with bringing in new jobs and modes to play.

Patch 1.08 fixes a number of issues that have been causing problems for players. Of course not all problems have been fixed but progess is being made. At the bottom of the page is a link under the section related articles that listed specifically all changes in the patch. Here are a few fixes:

  • Players in solo race are awarded cash
  • Races that require a helmet remove any equipped mask
  • Smoking animation automatically removes any equipped mask
  • Fastest Lap bonus exploit has been eliminated
  • Beach Bum glasses appear in inventory
  • Team games are more likely to group crew members and friends on the same team
  • Multiple vehicle exploits have been removed
  • The glitch players could use to get to North Yankton has been removed
  • The glitch of losing characters when joining other GTA Online sessions and being disconnected has been fixed.

At this point Rockstar games is so fluent with finding glitches that players who use infinite money glitches will be sad to find that Rockstar is patching each glitch almost immediately. Rockstar aims to stop any such cheating. If you are looking for infinite money glitches you will have to pay close attention as most tricks will be stopped quickly. The most likely scenario is that a new update will bring some sort of new content that people will exploit in one way or another and Rockstar will fix it by the next update.

GTA V GTA Online Capture modes

This new update brings a twist to the classic Capture the Flag mode. There are  four different modes to play for a total of 20 new jobs. All games are team based are require a certain amount of teamwork to efficiently succeed. The four new modes include “Raid” “Hold” “Contend” and “GTA.” Each mode has a number of different types of jobs to play although, Rockstar hasn’t announced all of them yet. To see specifics about the jobs such as “Wargames” and “Field of Screams” the related article section at the bottom will link you to Rockstar games.

In Raid mode two teams fight to get into their opponents’ base and get away with stealing a package. Whichever team can deliver the most packages back to their own base or has the most points at the end wins.

  • Raid
    • Beachin
    • Wargames

Hold revolves around both teams holding onto as many packages as they can. Packages can be stolen from other teams or found on the map.

  • Hold
    • Block Party

GTA involves both team finding and jacking as many specific vehicles as they can get away with.

  • GTA
    • Field of Screams
    • My Maibatsu

The game Contend only has one package that waits in the middle of the map. Both teams must fight over it and when it is captured a new package respawns and continues the action.

  • Contend
    • Salty Snatch

GTA V and GTA Online once again continue striving toward perfection as the newest update, patch 1.08 becomes available tomorrow, December 18. These fixes and new Capture the Flag modes are for the players enjoyment, so hopefully you like them. Rockstar games isn’t saying anything about zombie content, but they are still talking about bringing new content to the three main protagonists.


By Garrett Jutte

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