Gym Mistakes to Avoid

Gym Ettiquette

Including a gym workout in a daily routine is always a welcome step towards improving  health. However, it does not end there. Whereas one needs to maintain the level of motivation one began with, one also needs to avoid making mistakes during gym sessions.

There are various kinds of common mistakes people ignorantly make, each with varying severity levels of their outcomes. Results of these mistakes can range from reduced effect of the workout to mild strains and even serious injuries. It is better to avoid them to ensure workouts are helping accomplish the desired fitness goals. Here is a list of few common mistakes:

No warm-up or cool-down

Many people head straight to using gym equipment right after entering the gym and do not perform a good warm-up routine. Similarly, after completing the workout sessions, many do not spend a few minutes cooling themselves down. Warming up and cooling down must be a part of the routine because these little exercises help muscles prepare for a hard workout ahead (in case of warm up) or make a transition to a lower physical activity state (in case of a cool down). Bypassing a warm up or cool down may end up causing cumulative injuries to muscles.

Unrealistic or non-existent goals

Whereas it is very important to have fitness goals to stay motivated and to stay on the right track, it is also crucial to set them right. Many people set unrealistic goals, such as losing too much weight, without considering the lifestyle factors, medical conditions, current fitness levels, and age. On the other hand, many people set no goals at all, which often leads to loss of motivation.

Not progressing wisely

Seeing a guy in the gym doing one-armed press-ups or lifting heavy weight effortlessly can make one want to follow him. However, following someone else’s routine without  understanding correct techniques can lead to unexpected results or injuries. Achieving small goals, one at a time, and progressing gradually are important components of a safe and effective workout routine.

Daily workout

No matter how dedicated you are, working out daily is not sustainable in the long run. Going the gym everyday may become a chore and one will soon lose motivation. In order to keep the interest going, it is important to incorporate breaks and rest days into a workout schedule. Rest days are also important as it is the time when muscles lost during workout sessions grow back . Take weekend breaks to socialize with friends, watch a movie, or take the dog for a walk

Poor etiquette

From sticking to one machine for long stretches to talking loudly on a cellphone, there are many things that fall into the category of poor gym etiquette to avoid. It is important to be considerate of fellow exercisers while working out in the gym. Wiping sweat from machines, maintaining hygiene, giving others room to exercise, and using machines wisely are some basic gym etiquette that one must follow.

By Jyoti Agarwal

Gym Ettiquette 

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