Hangover Free in the New Year

Hangover Free in the New Year

With the New Year beckoning, the most famous annual hangover is right across the horizon for many celebrants across the globe.  But there may be some measures to ensure a hangover free New Year’s Day, or at least a day that does not involve swearing off drinking forever and moaning on the living room sofa.

The first, and maybe most important thing to keep in mind, is that the most dramatic effects of a hangover are a result of severe dehydration.  The process of dehydration begins occurring during the celebration itself because alcoholic drinks do little to nothing to provide hydration to human beings.  In fact most drinks, especially beer, are actually dehydrating a person more than drinking no liquid at all.  So the key would be for someone to drink a glass of water in between drinks if possible, or at the very least between every couple of drinks in order to not be climbing into bed at the end of the night already at a point of severe dehydration.

Another option would be to drink Pedialyte before going to sleep or immediately upon waking up in the morning.  Pedialyte contains a lot of the vitamins and electrolytes that dehydration has eliminated from your body that need replenishment to eliminate symptoms of the hangover, and although it is commonly known as a supllimental drink for very young children, it can do wonders for those that may have consumed far too much alcohol in a night as highly touted as New Year’s Eve.

Another commonly used option that has varying rates of success is consuming a meal late in the night before going to bed.  It seems to be frequent folklore that the intake of greasy food is able to counteract the abundance of alcohol in one’s stomach and prevent overproduction of the stomach acid which in turn would cause nausea.  Although this method may prevent nausea, food alone does not replenish what is taken from the body that creates a hangover, so merely eating a big greasy meal before bed could still leave someone in a world of hangover pain the following morning.

The most overriding theme is staying hydrated though, regardless of the amount of drinks consumed or duration of time spent drinking.  It is quite difficult to balance the amount of alcohol consumed with a responsible amount of water when in a celebratory atmosphere, so that is typically why such a large number of hangovers occur following New Year’s Eve into the beginning of the next 365 days.

Once someone is in the thralls of an actual hangover there are only two quick and effective ways, based on current science, to take care of it.  The first one is the most obvious (albeit the most detrimental for a person’s health), and that is to begin consuming alcohol once again.  However, once the alcohol consumption stops (that was used in an attempt to cure the original hangover), the resulting pain will be tremendously more than it originally would have been.   The other method would be to have intravenous fluids pumped into their bodies.  This is a valid solution as many companies now provide this service and will drive to your house or apartment to accommodate the consumer.  It does not come cheaply though, and if it is something a person uses frequently to get over their hangovers, they may want to consider a change in lifestyle.

Editorial by Michael Blain

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