Immune System: The Lowdown on a Rundown

 Immune System

Today, it seems our immune systems are under constant bombardment. The attacks come from every front and the damage is cumulative. Many times, we are not even aware of the sneaky and oftentimes subtle ways that products can truly harm us. This article will shine the light on these dangers and make you more aware of what is lurking in the environment around you.

When your immune system is compromised, it leaves you vulnerable to infectious disease and slower healing times. When a toxic substance enters your body – either through your food or by you breathing it in, your body goes into action to counter its effects. However, while it is busy on the attack, it is not protecting you from cancers, bacteria and other harmful daily irritants.

There are several contributing factors that cause your immune system to become weak and lose efficiency. Some may be new to you, but others will make sense. Factors such as poor diet, smoking, stress, being overweight, aging, infections, hereditary disorders and alcohol abuse are just a handful of the top immune system offenders. When your immune system is down, resistance to disease is low and viral diseases such as colds and flu can easily gain a foothold within your body, along with bringing about more serious threats to your health in the way of autoimmune diseases. We see more and more instances of psoriasis, arthritis, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome. Years ago, we hadn’t even heard of some of these.

Let’s talk about poor diet for a minute. It makes good sense to realize that what goes in our mouths will affect our overall health. Most of us are driving through one fast food restaurant or another to meet the demands of our hectic lifestyles. These foods are filled with ingredients that are poison to the immune system – fat, refined sugars, soaring levels of sodium and countless carbohydrates.

Sugar weakens the entire immune system, setting the stage for chronic diseases. It weakens the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which leads to poor digestion and assimilation of calcium, protein and vitamins (just to name a few). The loss of these nutrients opens the door to diseases like arthritis, and speeds the aging process. These foods are your enemy and they will attack you from the inside out.

We are exposed on a daily basis – and for the most part, on a continual basis – to toxic chemicals. The onslaught is unseen and very sly. Toxic chemical exposure is now so widely recognized as a factor affecting health that even the Centers for Disease Control are now tracking the type and amount of toxic chemicals we have in our bodies.  This internal tug of war only leaves you feeling rundown, worn out and exhausted.

By  Lisa Fetty


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