iPad Guide for Newbies

Apple Inc.'s iPadThere were likely millions of iPads under the Christmas tree this holiday season. As first time owners and newbies revel in the glorious glow of their first retina screen, quite a few of them will probably be thinking, “Now what?” But wait! The Guardian Liberty Voice has put together a guide to possibly save the inexperienced some time, money, and possibly some embarrassment.

The very first step to setting up an iPad is choosing a language then hooking it up to the WiFi network. Simply pick the network out of the list and enter the network’s password. When enabling the WiFi, a new owner should also enable the location services.

Shortly after setting up the WiFi, a user will be prompted to enter the account details of their iCloud account. If no previous account exists, a new user should set up an account and enable their online cloud storage. iCloud will allow an account holder to access any files from multiple locations and devices. However, users will have an option to set up an account later in case they get impatient.

The new iPad will come with some services preinstalled with iOS 7, which it operates on. These are handy productivity and communication tools such as iWork and iLife. However, each user will have different preferences dependent to their life and their needs. The beauty in the function of the iPad is that installing apps are easy and will make the iPad more personalized to each user’s preferences.

There are countless apps available for iPad owners and for just about anything one can think of. Here are some good suggestions for apps that a newbie may want to know about to guide their way through the massive selection.

Even though Apple Inc. has their own mapping app, a user may find more benefits to using Google Maps. To get a copy, just visit the Apple app store and download and install the free mapping app. The Apple app store is where a user will find all the selections of apps available.

Related slightly to maps, finding a new iPad’s location may be a challenge in the future. This challenge can often be minimized easily by installing the app, Lookout. It’s free for download and will sound an alarm on a lost iPad while automatically backing up the contact information. Apple Inc. also offers the Find My iPhone app that will use the iCloud service to locate a device.

One of the most popular uses for an iPad is social media. A user will likely want to install the must-have apps like Twitter, Facebook, and pretty much every other social media platform out there. One will likely find official versions of each platform, but also a wide array of other 3rd party apps that are slightly customized.

There is an endless supply of games available to try out and play. Most will have a free version for anyone to try out, but they also will often offer a paid for version without advertising displays. Some games will allow a user to purchase items for use in free games, so users may want to disable payment options if their children will be playing games on the iPad as well.

To help protect from accidental purchases, it is recommended to set up an Apple ID. A second line of defense could also be setting the iPad to turn off in-app purchases. This setting can be found under: Settings > General > Restrictions. The best defense in preventing unwanted purchases is making the children aware and to educate them to not actually make online purchases.

FaceTime will likely prove to be a valuable video conferencing tool between the new user and their Apple friends, but installing Skype will allow video conferencing between platforms. The app is free at limited feature levels.

Another essential for entertainment is the YouTube app. User’s may also want to look into the Netflix app for a near endless supply of TV shows and movies.

New iPad users should also be thinking about one more important thing. That is purchasing some sort of screen protector and/or case. Accidents do and will likely happen. Protecting that shiny new member of the family is good advice for anyone to follow.

Hopefully all the newbies have now been guided through setting up and starting to use this year’s most treasured gift, the iPad. Enjoy!

By Brent Matsalla

The Verge

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