Teenager in Florida Hacks Mother to Death on Christmas Eve

Teenager in Florida Hacks Mother To Death on Christmas Eve

A Florida teenager, William Brandon Aydelott, age 17, has been accused of premeditated murder in the hacking death of his mother on Christmas Eve, Florida State Police have stated.  Sharon Hill Aydelott was discovered beaten and stabbed to death Tuesday evening.

He allegedly confessed to beating her with a baseball bat and then proceeding to hack her to death. Mrs. Aydelott was discovered in a pool of her own blood with a knife poking out of one of her sockets. The crime occurred at her Gulf Breeze, Florida home.

Police discovered the woman’s body lying on the floor just inside the entryway to the family’s home on Tuesday. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her son was a pitcher for his local high school baseball team and was a right-handed pitcher that had a hard 80 mph fastball. He was being scouted by numerous college baseball teams, possibly including the University of Alabama. Police said he appeared calm and was basically “emotionless” except for giving a small smile during the interview for several times as he was confessing to the murder.

Mrs. Aydelott was first found deceased after a friend of hers had stopped by to see her. Supposedly the mother and teenage son had had been fighting between the two of them since September.

The teenager was staying at one of his friend’s houses on and on and off again arrangement since the fall because of the extremely rocky relationship that was going on between mother and son, stated Florida police.

Police officials said that after the murder occurred, the teenager fled from his mother’s house and went back to the home where he had been residing.

The Florida State Police traced the younger Aydelott to the friend’s resident around three hours after the grisly murder scene had been found. When they took him into custody, the teen indifferently admitted to viciously slaughtering his mother.

Detectives even stated that he slightly smiled when he was confessing to the ghastly crime. It is reported that the 200 pound, 6 foot tall teen described in graphic detail how he continually shattered his mother’s body with a baseball bat. He then attacked her with a huge knife from their kitchen and slashed her multiple times. He sliced open her throat and then drove the blade through one of her eyes.

The teen was found dressed in clean clothes. Police investigators were only able to find a small spot of dried blood on one of his wrists. According to police reports, the teenager was being held without any bond.

Mrs. Aydelott was a science teacher at a Florida middle school, where she had been teaching seventh and eighth graders for nearly 15 years. The middle school is on Christmas break at this time.

The Florida teenager has been accused of premeditated murder of his mother and will remain in jail until sentencing. It is unlikely he will receive bond at that time as well because the crime was so violent.

By Kimberly Ruble


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