Iran and Its Nuclear Capabilities


Iran and Its Nuclear Capabilities

Iran has had many issues with the West over the past while but no issue as a big on the agenda as the possibility of developing nuclear weapons. Not many things scare Israel as much as the possibility of Iran being able to launch nuclear attacks. Successive Israeli prime ministers have had nightmares about the possibility of Iran being able to develop nuclear weapon. Many things exist that Benjamin Netanyahu will take lightly but Iran even coming up in any debate about nuclear weapons will very likely switch his buttons.

While the concerns of many people are clearly understood, is there not a possibility that the Iranians are actually doing what they say they are doing? What if they are actually not lying by saying they are only after nuclear empowerment and not weaponry?  That wouldn’t matter to interest groups like Israel though, as far as Israel is concerned, Iran is a country looking for nuclear weapons to wipe out Israel.

It must be a very lonely world for the Iranian president. He just seems to be in a lose-lose situation. The country has been crippled with sanctions over the past years and it has fallen on him to try to make things right. The hard line movement in his country however consider any agreement with the west as a sell-out. “Our ideology will not be undermined by some negotiations,” Mohammad Reza Naqdi, a hard line leader in the country has said. The news that President Hassan Rouhani had entered into some kind of deal to ease the sanctions was met by wild jubilation in many quarters of the country but the hard-liners refuse to budge.

After the jubilation over being able to sign a deal with the UN and in fulfilling a part of the deal  Iran has invited the UN watchdogs over to come to country to come and insect its weapons. An official of the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed that the visit would be for around the 8th of December. In another twist, in what soon became a battle of wits of looking to have your way over the opponent, the white house and Tehran have traded words on the details of the agreement. The White House says Uranium enrichment is stopping while Iran says it is not.

You have a country that is being feared for being radical and dangerous and the country itself claiming otherwise. The country itself has claimed it is nothing like a radical state and that it is only pursuing Uranium enrich for peaceful purposes.

So on the on hand is the US and Israel and much of the western world who want Iran to have nothing to do with anything nuclear. On another hand is group of radicals who believe the country should be able to do whatever it wants to do. In the middle of these two however, from what it looks like (and emphasis on what it looks like) is the country’s government who just want enough Uranium to power itself and nothing more.

The die is cast here obviously. It’s up to either side to budge or to put it more traditionally, blink first.

By Olajide Jatto


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