James Bond: Alcoholic Drinks Led to Poor Health

The heavy alcohol use of fictional character James Bond would probably have led to poor health.

A recent study shows that the heavy use of alcoholic drinks by fictional character James Bond would have eventually led to poor health.

His boss, better known as “M,” would not be pleased at the information that was recently given out in the United Kingdom. Medical experts there say that Bond –  also known as Agent 007 –  was in very poor health due to his excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Using information found in all fourteen of author Ian Fleming’s novels about the fictional spy, British doctors gave the hero a thorough check-up. Their findings were rather grim.

Fleming’s novels show that Bond consumed an average of over 90 units of alcoholic drinks a week. This is four times the maximum recommended amount for adult males.

In an otherwise distinguished resume working for the British secret service, James Bond had only thirteen days in which he did not partake of alcoholic drinks.  With this record, he would have been deemed unsafe to drive.  In the novel Casino Royale, Bond had what was equal to 20 glasses of champagne before wrecking a car in a high speed chase.

The doctors who conducted this study did this in their spare time and not while they were on duty. They read all of the James Bond novels and noted every time he had an alcoholic beverage. In the latest British Medical Journal, the doctors concluded that the only one Bond really had a license to kill was himself. His excessive drinking was causing his health to become very poor in a very rapid fashion.

But, the doctors did not feel that this was the only habit which caused them to be concerned about  the famed spy.  The same report shows that the James Bond in Fleming’s novels smoked up to sixty times a day.  The ever unflappable Bond smoked handmade Turkish and Balkan cigarettes.

In the films. Bond is noted also for his sexual conquests. However, he is more sexually active on film than he is in print.  During twenty three films, Bond has had over fifty sexual conquests.

One medical specialist said that with Bond’s drinking habit, he would have had short-term problems with memory span and concentration. Long-term issues would have including greater risk of heart attack or stroke, as well as cirrhosis of the liver.

The research was compiled with the idea of forcing British citizens to think about their holiday alcohol consumption. The title of the research was  “The Man With the Golden Liver” and it asks if James Bond’s martini was shaken due to tremors brought about by alcohol consumption.

One author of the study said that while it takes a lighthearted look at a fictional character, he hopes that the public will also hear the serious messages relating to health. In the United Kingdom, deaths from liver disease in the last twenty years are said to have doubled.  The average age of death in England is currently 59.

Many medical studies have pointed out that people are known to underestimate their rate of alcohol consumption by as much as 30 percent.

Doctors say that the amount of alcohol consumed by Bond is inconsistent with the mental, physical and even sexual activities presented in the novels.

In one of Ian Fleming’s novels set in the Caribbean,  James Bond is noted for saying that he would rather die of drink than die of thirst.  The doctors who conducted this study say that is very probable since Bond’s excessive drinking would have led to a steady decline in his health.

By Rick Hope


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