Jamie Oliver Joins Other Celebrities in Jolly Christmas Mulled Wines Video

Jamie Oliver Joins other Celebrities in Jolly Christmas Mulled Wines Video Jamie Oliver knows a thing or two about Christmas. His make-before gravy has been one among hundreds of recipes that have changed chaos in the kitchen into culinary calm and cudos as the annual feast commences. Now, thanks to the song-writing skills of a pair of BBC employees, he gets to appear in a jolly Christmas video, cutting, it must be said, some bold moves on the dance floor.

It all started as a joke.  A newsreader on the UK’s Radio One is called Chris Smith.  Said quickly it sounds a bit like Christmas. Thus, Father Chris Smith was born.  Every Santa needs a helper, so this one co-opted DJ Greg James, the former boyfriend of Ellie Goulding. He took on the moniker, Pharr-elf.

This Christmassy duo needed a song to get their spirits up. One of the most talked-about songs of 2013 was without a doubt, Blurred Lines, the risqué tune that saw Robin Thicke get twerked upon at the VMA awards by a certain Miss Miley Cyrus. No-one who viewed that particular event is likely to ever forget it. It even introduced a new verb into the English language.

Blurred Lines was not exactly family friendly, so they re-wrote it as Mulled Wines.  The seasonal lyrics are much more PG rated than R. “Maybe I’ll get some hankies, maybe I’ll get some socks?” It was played on the radio and listeners really liked it. It started to trend on twitter and create a following. But hang on, what sort of new release does not have a video?  Well, this one didn’t.

All that changed as of yesterday when a collection of celebrities assembled for a party.  Chris Martin was there, from Coldplay, Jake Bugg, the teenage chart-topping sensation, Jordan from Rizzle Kicks, Bastille, Keith Lemon, Wrench 32 and of course, Jamie.   Although Mr Oliver was there to rustle up tasty snacks for the team, including some guacamole which he made by mushing it all up by hand, he was soon roped into the festive filming.

Father Chris Smith and Pharr-elf seized this golden opportunity to make a video for their Mulled Wines potential hit song, by getting their celebrity friends to appear in it with them. Chris Martin was more than keen, as his wife Gwyneth is a big fan of the warm, spicy tipple.

Jake Bugg, as viewers of the resulting video will note, was perhaps less enthusiastic.  He did not even dress up for the occasion as he thought he was just turning up to play in a studio.  His dour black hoody, petulant expression, and unwillingness to join the fun, add an interesting tonal counterpoint to the cheesy proceedings. Many homes will feature such a teenager or two over the coming holiday.

For those who are already a bit Mariah-ed out of Christmas ballads, and looking for a little silly pre-Christmassy buzz, it is recommended to tune in to Mulled Wines for a brief few moments.  Jamie Oliver dances like the Dad he is, and that, somehow, is just how his legions of fans would prefer it.

Parody is a wonderful way to undermine and gently mock the pretentious and the posturing. Jamie Oliver and various celebrity chums certainly do that in this jolly Christmas rendition turning Blurred Lines into Mulled Wines.

By Kate Henderson

The Daily Meal

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  2. Karen Hanna Krużycka   December 23, 2013 at 8:09 am

    The problem with the original lyrics aren’t that they’re not “family friendly” – it’s that they’re creepy and rapey and misogynist. It’s not the sort of thing that can be “gently mocked”. :/


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