Jean-Claude Van Damme Upstaged by Chuck Norris and Other Spoofs [Videos]

Jean-Claude Van Damme Upstaged by Chuck Norris and Other SpoofsProbably everyone remembers the famous Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Split video, made to promote Volvo trucks, but now he has been upstaged by Chuck Norris in an excellent spoof version.  Interesting to note, however, is that Norris is not alone in spoofing the video.

First things first, here is the original Epic Split video, showing Jean-Claude Van Damme perched precariously between two Volvo trucks, which gradually pull apart, showing Van Damme in full split mode, all to the tune of Only Time by Enya:

This video went viral and has received almost 63 million views.

Next, we find out that Chuck Norris decided he didn’t want that irritating Belgian upstaging him, and of course it’s almost Christmas, so he went one better.

Norris needed a little CGI digital assistance from Delov Digital in his video, however, where he splits not between mere trucks, but between two airplanes.  And just in case that’s not enough, he also has a whole load of paratroopers perched on his head too, as he upstaged Jean-Claude Van Damme, among other spoofs of the famous feat.

Norris, quoting Shakespeare to the same music used by Van Damme, wishes everyone a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” at the end of the video, just as the tree-shaped pile of paratroopers light up like a Christmas tree.  Enjoy the video below:

As was mentioned earlier, however, Norris is not the only one spoofing the Epic Split video.  A group of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip did their own version to highlight the suffering in their area.

The Gazan spoof shows a Palestinian justly slightly spreading his legs between two cars, which are being pushed by other Palestinians, instead of the full and complete split between two Volvo trucks of Jean-Claude Van Damme fame.

In the voice-over, there are no eloquent  Shakespearean quotes or dramatic words about “legs being shaped to perfection,” but just a simple explanation about the regular lack of electricity and water.  The voice-over ends with, “Unfortunately there is no gas in town.”

The spoof video highlights the drastic fuel and other shortages in the area, due to the Israeli and Egyptian blockade against Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

According Tashwesh, the group that made the video, they are hoping it will draw attention to their serious plight in Gaza and yes, Enya’s music features there too:

English sub-titles are available on the video but for those who prefer to read it in one go:

I have been living in Gaza for a long time and up to this moment, I feel like I am living and not living, like Amro Diab.

The electricity cuts off 12 hours at a time.  I have come to sleep and wake up and the electricity would still not be back.

And the water comes on when the electricity is off.  I miss taking a shower!

All of this does not make Van Damme better than me, but unfortunately, there is no gas in town.

The video ends with the words “And the Palestinian people continue to express their troubles and crises by different means” together with thanks to Van Damme.

Last but not least, it seems that someone in Bangalore, India did an animated video of Rajinikanth, spoofing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s version.  Same voice-over and music, but the cartoon character ends up in an epic split over several auto rickshaws:

How many other videographers will create spoofs of the famous Jean-Claude Van Damme epic split besides Chuck Norris and the Gazans?  To quote Enya, only time will tell.

By Anne Sewell



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