GTA V, Kim Kardashian, Betty White and ‘Breaking Bad’ Set Guinness Records

GTA V“The Guinness World Records” has announced some of 2013’s most extreme personalities and cultural icons. This year records were set by the likes of the video game GTA V, celebrity Kim Kardashian, comedic actress Betty White and the television show Breaking Bad.

GTA V has had a truly record setting run after its fall release. This year “The Guinness World Records” committee will add to that list by naming the video game to its publication for being the “Fastest Entertainment Property to Gross $1 Billion.”

Only three short days after GTA V’s release the game had already grossed more than 1 billion dollars making the first video game to reach that mark so quickly. GTA V also made the most money of any game in its first 24 hours and also had the most viewed trailer of any action-adventure game in the history of video games.

GTA V shared a record setting 2013 with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Betty White and Breaking Bad who all also set records for their outstanding achievements.

Betty White was recognized for having the longest running entertainment career for a woman. White has been working in the entertainment industry for 74 years, she is 91 years old. Do the math, she started her career when she was not even ten years old.

When White heard the news from the Guinness World Records committee she said that she could not believe the honor.

“I was astounded when [they] called to tell me,” White said. “Who? Me? It’s such an honor.”

White also spoke of her fondness for the publication and the prestige she feels to be included. She said that this collection of records has always fascinated her and she is pleasantly surprised to now be associated with it.

White and GTA V shared accolades with Breaking Bad and Kim Kardashian. Breaking Bad received an acknowledgment as the “Highest Rated Television Show” of all time. Breaking Bad currently has a score of 99 out of 100 on the entertainment site MetaCritic. This news comes as the second piece of recent good news for fans of the long running show. Not only do fans now have the prestige of having watched the most beloved television series, but they will also be able to read scripts from the shows first season. The scripts are available on

Kim Kardashian rounded out the year’s high profile record setters earning a spot as the reality star with the most social media followers. She had more than her sisters and Jersey Shore star Snooki.

Other honors went out to Colonel Mellow the cat who has the longest cat fur. Her mane stretches nine inches long (take a look below). Also included was Thunder Law a basketball player apart of the Harlem Globetrotters who made the list for making the “Longest Basketball Shot.”

“The Guinness World Records” announcement comes just in time for holiday season parties where readers can now stump their relatives with the tricky trivia question, what do Betty White and GTA V have in common? White and GTA V both set “Guinness World Records” in 2013 along with Kim Kardashian, Breaking Bad and one very hairy cat.

By Nick Manai


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