Jennifer Lawrence: Gift From Jack Nicholson


Some might remember how starstruck Jennifer Lawrence was when she first met Jack Nicholson.  To the young actress, it was almost like Christmas come early, a gift to meet an actor of such renown, especially one that she, personally, admired.  It seems, from Nicholson’s latest present to the Hunger Games star, that he is similarly struck.

In Febuary, the pair met for the first time when Nicholson interrupted an interview Lawrence was giving to George Stephanopoulos just after she had won the Oscar for Best Actress in “Silver Linings Playbook.”  Lawrence was visibly in awe of Nicholson, gasping like a normal, non-movie star might when he came up to her to compliment her on her performance in the movie, telling her she did a beautiful job and apologizing for interrupting the interview.  Lawrence joked back that he was being rude before Nicholson told her she looked like one of his old girlfriends and with the parting flirty remark of “I’ve thought about it,” left Lawrence with her head in her hands, uttering a fan girl “Oh my God!”  He then returned with a wink, saying that he would be waiting, leaving Lawrence to wish for a review mirror so she could watch if he was coming back.  He didn’t.

But apparently, their interaction didn’t stop there.  Though they haven’t spoken since that one Oscar night, Jennifer Lawrence did recently reveal to ABC News that Jack Nicholson had sent her a gift afterward.  From a note attached, Nicholson made it known that he missed her already.  The bottle of Cristal and flowers were just a bonus to the 23-year-old star, who mentioned that she probably should have kept the gift a secret so that it would remain between her and Jack.

There’s no word on if the two will be meeting behind the curtain during the Academy Awards this year, with Nicholson’s recent announcement about his retirement from acting.  Some are a bit worried about Nicholson sending Cristal to a girl less than a third his age, but most figure it’s just part of Nicholson’s signature sense of humor.  Then again, he is quite the ladies’ man.

Lawrence would be a big trophy to snag.  She has already earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for the Golden Globes this year due to her portrayal of Rosalyn Rosenfeld in the new film “American Hustle” and fans and fellow actors alike seem to believe that she’s likely to be nominated for an Oscar as well.  And as the star of the “Hunger Games” series, with two of the four movies under her belt, both huge box office successes, she’s making a pretty steady paycheck as well.

While the media has proclaimed her America’s newest sweetheart, other stars have reacted to Lawrence’s new title with a laugh.  Julia Roberts said that Lawrence was too cool to be American’s newest sweetheart, which Lawrence thought was awesome not so much because of Robert’s comment, but because Roberts knew who she was and was actually talking about her to the press.

This type of down-to-earth attitude is what makes Lawrence’s fans appreciate her.  But apparently, Jennifer Lawrence’s fans aren’t the only ones who adore her, if fellow actor Jack Nicholson’s gifts are any indication.

By Marisa Corley

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Huffington Post
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