Jared Padalecki Gets a Blue Christmas

Jared PadaleckiWhile everyone else is dreaming of a white Christmas, Jared Padalecki gets a blue one. The Supernatural star announced on Twitter that his wife gave birth to a baby boy on December 22.

The announcement of the pregnancy came in July 2013, and is the second child for the couple. They have one son, Thomas Colton, who is 21 months old. He will surely be excited about being a big brother, especially at this time of year.

Padalecki and his wife, Genevieve Cortese Padalecki were married in February 2010 in a relatively private affair. They met on the set of Supernatural, which is on its winter hiatus and in its ninth season. Padalecki plays the younger of the two Winchester brothers, Sam, who battle demons, ghosts, and other supernatural beings on a weekly basis.

He and Cortese Padalecki met while she was playing an onscreen love interest and “ally”, Ruby. Ruby was a demon who turned out to be working against the Winchesters in an attempt to get Sam to open the Gates of Hell and release Lucifer.

There are no confirmations of the weight yet or a name. The baby was delivered at home, although whether that was out of choice or necessity is not yet clear. It took an extra few hours for Padalecki to announce getting his blue Christmas on Twitter. He did give a brief hint of the arrival with the first tweet, which said that they had experienced a holiday miracle. Seven hours later, he announced that it was the birth of a baby boy.

After the first tweet, many fans took straight to the site to find out what the 31-year-old actor meant. It was mixed with a mention of Tony Romo throwing “the game.” That was followed by other tweets about the NFL star. Considering many knew that his wife was expecting around this day, most guessed it was the arrival of his son, with the hashtag #PadaBaby2 being used. Seven hours later he finally confirmed the speculations.

The tweets of the arrival match the tweets of the announcement with humor and teasing. While announcing the pregnancy, Padalecki informed fans that his wife was “pre”, after forcing himself to run out of characters talking about getting on a plane. Hours later, he finally confirmed that the word was pregnancy.

Cortese Padalecki has shared nothing so far.

Now comes the questions surround the name of this new baby. It comes just days after Kate Winslet decided on the unusual name of Bear Winslet, and fans wonder whether the two Supernatural stars will follow suit. Considering the name of their first son, it is unlikely.

Information about the weight and name still have not been shared. At the moment, all anybody knows is that the baby is healthy, which is the most important thing. The two are likely enjoying time with their newborn, rather than announcing everything to the world. It’s also likely that their parents are being told before anybody else. At least fans know that Padalecki is getting a blue Christmas this year.

By Alexandria Ingham

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