Joe Jonas Is a Disney Star No Longer

JonasIn Miley Cyrus fashion, Joe Jonas has shown the world that he is no longer a Disney star. When the Jonas Brothers split, due to it breaking up their family, the star made it clear that he didn’t want to follow the squeaky clean image that all Disney stars have to follow. However, he isn’t quite as bad as the likes of Cyrus.

Jonas has recently opened up about smoking weed, which he tried around the age of 17. He puts the blame on Cyrus and fellow former Disney star, Demi Lovato, who both insisted that he tried it. He said that it was “all right” but that he no longer smokes it as much anymore.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Cyrus and Lovato were involved. Cyrus was recently photographed lighting up while on stage and Lovato has a history of drugs and alcohol abuse. Jonas shared that it was Lovato’s misuse of the substances that led to their breakup. The two met on the set of Camp Rock, a Disney channel movie that was set at a campsite, where the two played the main roles and love interests for each other.

The middle Jonas brother admitted that he remained in the relationship because he felt the need to protect her. He wasn’t happy at all, but she needed someone and was struggling with her substance abuse and other events happening in her life. However, the two had a brand to protect at the time. After Lovato’s public admittance of her troubles, Jonas still had to keep his brand, and couldn’t admit the problems he was facing.

As part of making it clear that he was a Disney star no longer, Jonas admitted that he had lost his virginity. It happened when he was 20, but it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. He did wait for the right person and doesn’t regret it. That wasn’t due to his brand, but beliefs that he had. It was with long-term girlfriend and Twilight star, Ashley Greene, but the distance made it difficult for their relationship to work out.

He also admits to taking advantage of the celebrity lifestyle on occasion, and that he did feel like dating another celebrity was special. It is easy for a young adult to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle. Right now, he is dating Blanda Eggenschwiler, a model, but is keeping all details to himself. This is a part of his life that he wants to keep private and away from the cameras as much as possible.

The Jonas Brothers announced their split in October 2013. There were a series of arguments between them and they cancelled their last tour. It was better for the family to bring an end to the band, even if it meant disappointing fans two days before a live performance.

Since the split, Jonas wants to make it clear that he isn’t the squeaky clean Disney star anymore. It was all for the brand, just like many other stars have been forced to conform to. However, it doesn’t seem like he will be going down the route of Cyrus anytime soon.

By Alexandria Ingham

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