John Cornyn vs Steve Stockman

John Cornyn

Who will it be in the primaries, incumbent John Cornyn or the far right principled Steve Stockman? To know the answer Texans have to wait and check out the final poll result of John Cornyn vs Stockman. During the late afternoon hours, Stephen Earnest Stockman, U.S representative for Texas, filed his notice to enter the primaries against the Senate minority whip Cornyn.

It was just before the 6:00 PM deadline when Stockman filed his notice and changed the very dynamics of the election. The whole process was completed rather quickly, and Stockman was not present while this happened in the Headquarters of the Texas Republican Party. Senator Cornyn’s  campaign manager,  Brendan Steinhauser stated that all the good work done by Cornyn will be shared with the fellow Texans in hope of a better result. Basically he did not reveal much of their thought process.

It came as a surprise to everyone since the notice was filed at a later stage than usual. It was already taken for granted that no one was going to contest Sen. Cornyn. Proving all the speculations as mere joke, Stockman came out and challenged the senior Senator. Stockman filed the nomination for the primary by paying $5000. He also commented that Cornyn should not have opposed Senator Ted Cruz’s efforts to bring in funding if Obamacare is defunded.

On the other hand, the senior Senator Cornyn attempted to prevent someone like Stockman running in the primaries against him. There are allegations against the senior Senator that he is not sufficiently conservative. All these factors played a role in the candidacy of the so-called novice Stockman. It is interesting to note here that Stockman only has $32,000 in campaign funding and he is running against somebody who has more $7 Million.

There are a many reforms which got introduced because of  Cornyn’s representation of Texas. A graduate of Trinity University, he won his seat in 2002 after serving as Texas Attorney General for a few years. He helped create the Internet Bureau, to stop the illegal operations carried out over the web. He also fought against Medicare corruption to prevent misuse of government funds. There are fair shares of good work done by him, but which side of the primaries weigh more is pretty difficult to say.

Political experts are quite thrilled about this progress and many of them conveyed their good wishes to Stockman. However, no one put a bet on him and stopped short of predicting results. Political commentary is definitely not going to fill up the voter banks of any of the candidates, so the opponents are already into the marketing mode to convey their platforms to the Texans. Stockman once opposed President Barack Obama and threw an open challenge to impeach him. So, it is just time now to see who takes away the crown in the poll battle of Cornyn vs Stockman.

By Sunando Basu

Washington Post


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