Julian Myers, Marilyn Monroe Publicist, Has Died

Julian Myers, Marilyn Monroe Publicist, Has Died

Julian Myers, who was a show business publicist that helped shaped the images of superstars such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, has died.  He was 97 years of age.

He died on Saturday and with his passing, Hollywood has lost one of its publicity fixtures for over fifty years. His death was confirmed to the public by his younger sister, Helen Gilbert.

Myers was a publicist at Fox Studios and also worked with Cary Grant, Julie Andrews and many other Hollywood stars.

He served as a back-up promoter for Monroe. He remembered helping her arrive on the set in time for a morning shoot after the actress had been out way too late the night before, when he did an interview earlier this year in Los Angeles.

He laughed and stated that he was the only man around town that was trying to get Marilyn out of bed. He added that he had always been a very happily married man. He lost his wife, Patsy Nanny Myers, of 43 years, in October of this year. It is thought that after that, he really never recovered from her death and seemed to go downhill.

Myers always was known to be an elegant dresser, and regularly sported a bow tie. Even after he had retired he continued to keep busy at his Marina del Rey Public Relations firm. He frequently sent handwritten notes of inspiration or over the film industry happenings to his numerous acquaintances who were still working in the business.

He continued to be a passionate runner and even ran in a marathon this past October. Myers also took part, for many years, in the Huntsman World Senior Games which were held in St. George, Utah. He competed in 2012 in each of the 14 events for his particular age group and ended up winning 13 medals. He received six that were even gold and all of this at the tender age of 96.

When Myers was given an honor by an entertainment group, and he was called a legend in PR back a number of years ago, he was noted as saying that Hollywood needed to bring back gimmicks.

He was never above performing some sort of show stopping stunt on his own. When he celebrated turning 90, for his birthday, he ended up running 90 miles from San Diego up to Los Angeles. He took time to stop for the Oscars ceremony that was going on in Hollywood. He then topped everything off by having another party at a deli shop with nearly 400 close, personal friends.

He and his wife Patsy even started their own world holiday. It was known as “Amigo Day” and they got it going over a decade ago.  Myers stated that all a person did to celebrate it was to basically greet anyone, anywhere, on the first Sunday of any month of the year. That was it. Myers then ran in the Las Vegas Marathon to greet his new holiday in his own special way.

Julian Myers has died at age 97.

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