Adam Sandler Dead…Not According to Twitter

Latest Celebrity Death Hoax Fails to Take Off

Adam Sandler Death Reported Again Newest Celebrity Hoax

Incredibly, hoaxers have not learned their lesson with the irony of Paul Walker and his “reported” death in November; now Adam Sandler is dead; not, however according to Twitter, it appears that the latest celebrity death hoax has failed to take off.  Sandler’s death has been reported again and he is the newest celebrity death hoax online. Amazingly though, he is not turning Twitter hot with tweets of his early demise.

Apparently the film star and SNL alumnus Adam Sandler died earlier today on December 22, 2013. The 47 year-old funnyman actor succumbed to injuries after a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. “Witnesses” report that Adam was with family and friends at the Zermatt ski resort when the snowboard that Sandler was riding went out of control and crashed into a tree at high speed.

The actor was then “air lifted” by a ski rescue patrol team to the local hospital, but, witnesses have reported that Sandler was dead-on-arrival (DOA). Apparently the crash impact killed the actor on site. Adam was wearing a safety helmet and drugs and alcohol were ruled out as being a factor in the accident.

This exact same “death report” has been posted on the internet before, verbatim. Same ski resort; same snowboard; and, presumably, the same witnesses. It does raise the question as to why hoaxers do not vary the story a bit.

According to Twitter, Adam Sandler is not dead, although the internet reported his death by snowboard accident, again and he is the latest celebrity death hoax to hit the world wide web this year. The word again is used in this report because Sandler has been a hoax favorite for quite some time.

Earlier in the year, October 13, 2013, Sandler was reported to have died from the exact same snowboarding accident. At that time the website Urban Legends dismissed the report as a repeated hoax that had been circulating “for years.” According to the site, Sandler’s name had been put into a “Celebrity Fake News Generator.”

Using a “fill-in-the-blanks” menu, users can cook up death hoaxes as easy as 1-2-3. CBS NEWS also reported that Sandler was a constant death hoax A-lister; along with Jim Carrey and Jeff Goldblum. Popular comic and cultural icon Bill Cosby is continually dying on the internet and just as continually reporting himself to still be alive.

Sandler was also reported to have died from the same snowboarding accident in August this year. Among the Twitter users who believed the story were just as many who doubted the stories veracity. One or two tweets asked where did Sandler find snow in August? That was also revealed to be a hoax. The news that Adam Sandler is dead…but, not according to Twitter this time around. This latest in celebrity death hoaxes has failed to take off. It would be nice if the hoaxers gave it a rest. These false death notices are not amusing.

Regardless of which celebrity hits the death hoax lottery, these misleading, and genuinely upsetting false reports are far from funny. With Twitter’s ability to almost instantaneously transmit news worldwide, some family members, as well as friends and fans, get upset at the news that their idols have met an untimely end.

In November this year it was the late Paul Walker who was hoaxed. Ironically, the day before the Fast & Furious star died in a fiery car crash, it had been reported that Walker had died. It must have seemed pretty funny to the hoaxers, after all, Walker loved cars in his real life and was made a star by his “reel” life driving of race cars in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Walker’s hoax hit the internet on Friday November 29 and on Saturday morning his agent was relaying the news to fans that Paul was alive and attending a fundraiser in Valencia, California. Later the same day, outside the fundraiser, Walker was the passenger in a red Porsche Carrera GT driven by his friend and business partner Roger Rodas. The car spun out of control and killed both men.

The agent then had the sad duty of reporting that Walker was not okay after all. The irony was as bitter as the news. Now the internet hoaxers have picked on Adam Sandler again and he is the latest celebrity to be hit by an unfunny hoax. No comments have come from Sandler or his reps about his snowy end. So Adam Sandler is dead…not according to Twitter, which seems to indicate that this latest celebrity death hoax failed to take off as planned.  Perhaps the microblogging site has learned to mistrust reported celebrity deaths.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


Global Associated News


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