Justin Bieber Announced His Retirement

Justin Bieber Announced His Retirement

On Tuesday, pop music heart-throb Justin Bieber announced his retirement from the music industry. He made the announcement on the LA radio station Power 106. Later, he seemed to take a step back from his announcement, but he did say that he wanted to take a step back from the music industry after his new album Journals comes out next week, and he said: “I want my music to mature.”

Is Justin Bieber, 19, really planning to retire anytime soon? That depends on who you ask, but most reports seem to be going with the theory that the Biebs is either joking around, or that he does plan to make a temporary exit from the music biz, but only a temporary one.

However, who knows — he just might decide to make it permanent. He’s got more than enough money to live very comfortably for the rest of his life, after all.

When Justin Bieber announced that he was going to retire on the LA radio station, the show’s host, Kurt Alexander (Big Boy), expressed his disbelief and shock by saying “What?” Also, a gasp could be heard from everyone else in the studio.

Is Justin just trying to get more publicity for his upcoming album, or is he really serious about retiring? Reportedly, some people close to the Biebs say that he was just joking around, and one adding that he’s “got ambition” meaning that Justin Bieber might have his sights set on continuing in the music industry and becoming more successful than ever before.

Justin Bieber has been idolized, demonized, and made the subject of jokes by the media. Even though he made the announcement of his retirement on Tuesday, maybe Bieber is just a bit sick of it all. The lure of the limelight, fame, and his adoring fans will — if I were a betting man — which I am — likely be enough to bring Justin Bieber back after a brief hiatus.

Bieber claims he’s only still in the music business “for my fans and for the music” and that fame no longer has an attraction for him. Maybe that’s true, but if it is true, Justin probably won’t want to be away from his fans for very long.

Justin Bieber insists that he’s not an “arrogant” person, as some of his critics have stated — he calls himself “a caring and giving person.” However, he added that as he’s just 19, he’s “gonna make mistakes.”

Justin Bieber retiring? On Tuesday, the Biebs did make that announcement, very publicly, on the LA radio station Power 106. Just how serious Bieber was, though, remains to be seen. He’s still young, and has a lot of music still left in him.

Whether the announcement of his retirement was a publicity stunt, a joke, or Justin Bieber being totally serious, I doubt that when his album Journals drops next week that it will be the last we’ve seen of Bieber.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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