Justin Bieber Announces Retirement On Twitter

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has announced to his 47 million Twitter followers that he is “officially retiring,” an unwelcome Christmas gift to “Beliebers” worldwide. The stunning announcement comes just shortly after he announced the same during a radio interview last week, though it seemed few truly believed he meant it at the time.

All is not lost for his legions of fans, though. There is some remaining ambiguity in the 19-year-old performer’s message, as he followed up his retirement announcement with another tweet that informed fans that he would “never leave” them and that “being a Belieber is a lifestyle.”

Bieber appears to be placing the blame for his sudden retirement squarely on the shoulders of the media. He explained his feeling that the media desires for him to fail and regularly makes up lies to that end. Time will tell if this recent announcement rings true or if perhaps it is just another stunt to attract attention from the same media he claims to abhor.

Bieber’s announcement is just the latest in a string of controversial and sometimes shocking stories to emerge about the star. His recent antics have led both fans and critics to wonder if the young star’s rapid rise to epic fame would ultimately lead to his demise.

Perhaps it all started for the Beibs two years ago when a young woman claimed that the then 17-year old was the father of her son. While some speculated that, well, yes, the child may have resembled him a bit, that could have been to blame just on Bieber’s still existing baby-face at the time. The story quickly disappeared after the young woman dropped her claims.

Although those claims were big news at the time, it is really the singer’s latest behavior that has gotten him into hot water. This year has seen many stories pop up about his alleged unruly and out-of control carrying on. He first admitted to drinking in an interview  with GQ magazine last May, though at the time he made the claim “I never get out of control.”

Since that admission, allegations that the singer has been using drugs have emerged as well. Video footage emerged at one time that many thought showed the pop artist under the influence of marijuana, but no confirmation of those claims has been made. Marijuana was once reportedly found by Swedish authorities on his tour bus as well.

Those claims are nothing compared to reports like the one that surfaced after video footage showing him urinating into a janitorial mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen was released.  Other outrageous behavior outraged Australians and resulted in a mayor’s outrage when he spray painted graffiti on a building in the city of Gold Coast. Apparently these are just some of the stories to blame for Bieber’s official retirement now broadcast worldwide on Twitter.

He has also been publicly reprimanded for his use of  extremely foul language on a flight where young children were present, and apparently pulled over at least twice for his recklessly fast driving on California highways. Other relatively recent controversial stories involve Bieber being  accused of bringing underage cohorts into nightclubs and allegations that he was involved with a married woman.

Whether Bieber really means it this time and is indeed officially retiring following his Twitter announcement remains to be seen. No matter what though, he is sure to continue making headlines.

By Michele Wessel


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  1. Ninong   December 25, 2013 at 10:48 am

    He should retire to a monastery in Tibet, where there is no telephone or Internet service, after taking a vow of silence!


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