Justin Bieber Buys New Pet in Spite of Questionable History With Animals

Justin BieberJustin Bieber has procured himself another pet, stirring up new controversy surrounding a questionable history he has with the animals he buys. The pop star was spotted on December 26 in a pet store in Stratford, Canada, where he was purported to be casually browsing the cuddly and caged wares. That was until he found himself staring into the adorable eyes of an American bulldog puppy named Petey.

The singer’s heart must have melted because he reportedly paid $600 for the 7-week-old bundle of unconditional love, shelling out additional cash for food, a collar and some toys to take home. Sounds like a happy ending for all involve, right?

Apparently, not so much. It turns out Bieber has a history with pets of various kinds, and it is not a good one.

Justin Bieber
Bieber at the VMAs holding his snake, Johnson.

First, there was his albino boa constrictor, Johnson. Back in 2012, Bieber showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony sporting the baby constrictor only to turn around and auction the snake later that fall. The snake was purchased from him and donated to the Rad Zoo which is located in Owatonna, Minnesota, where it found a permanent home. Many, including the man who bought Johnson, criticized Bieber’s auctioning of the snake. The move was viewed as heartless and Bieber was accused of using the living being as an accessory, though Bieber has yet to confirm or deny his motivations in this matter.

But this poor snake would not be the last pet that would leave Justin Bieber’s care in questionable circumstances. It turns out that the auctioning of his snake was only the beginning of now well established history with animals that he buys and then abandons.

Justin Bieber
Bieber with his hamster, PAC.

The very next spring, Bieber was seen giving away his pet hamster, PAC. In a video from TMZ, Bieber can be seen approaching a fence separating him from a group of screaming fans. He is then shown to hand the hamster over the fence to an unknown girl, who promises to take really good care of it. Bieber then walks off without looking back. The hamster has since died, though reportedly from old age and after receiving proper care from the girl who was gifted him.

Justin Bieber
Bieber with Mally, before he was abandoned in Germany.

Within weeks, Bieber had abandoned yet another animal, this time a monkey named Mally. He had been traveling in Germany with the male monkey when airport officials confiscated him because Bieber couldn’t provide the proper papers required to legally transport Mally internationally. Bieber was given six weeks to provide the paperwork and regain custody of Mally, but instead chose to never return. In May 2013, Bieber was given a six week extension while German caretakers began preparing the long term accommodations that would best suit Mally’s needs. Bieber was also charged for the costs of care during the six weeks and was informed that if he failed to pay before the extension was up, the debt would be collected before he could depart his plane the next time he came to Germany. As of November, this unpaid bill had reached a balance of $11,000. Mally is still a resident of Germany.

Bieber appeared to have moved on quickly, purchasing a cat in May as Mally was being cared for by complete strangers. There appears to be no indication as to whether or not Bieber still has his feline companion.

Considering his history with abandonment of animals, it is highly questionable that Justin Bieber will have what it takes to care for this new pet for the rest of Petey’s life. Dogs are pretty high maintenance, after all, and this one will need to be house broken and trained. Fingers crossed that Bieber has learned from his past mistakes and this adorable new puppy won’t have his tiny heart broken any time soon.

By Vanessa Blanchard



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