JWoww Pregnant Shares on Christmas Card Snooki Tweets Celebration

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Jennifer Farley known as JWoww announced her pregnancy to friends and family via a blog post and Christmas card, with an embedded picture of the ultrasound. The reality starlet is engaged to truck driver, Roger Mathews. On the Christmas card, the listed arrival month of “Baby Mathews” is an unlisted date in July. Congratulations to the engaged couple. Not only were fans thrilled with the news, but BFF Snooki took to Twitter to share her love and congrats entertainment, jwoww, snooki, jersey shore, pregnant, rogerfor the announcement. The message declares her celebratory support for JWoww as Snooki touts “I got you!”

This will be a first child for both JWoww and Roger. It seems baby fever is eclipsing the brood of Jersey Shore. Snooki gave birth to Lorenzo just about a year and a half ago and Pauly D shared his own Jersey Shore-like news. He discovered he was a daddy to Amabelle, a baby girl that stemmed from a one-night stand while he partied in Las Vegas.

JWoww is surprisingly a smart cookie and is thrilled to become a mother. Prior to her stint on MTV’s Jersey Shore, she did not share the stripper past of The Situation, the cheerleader antics of Snooki nor the big-time party background Ronnie immersed in. JWoww was a respected business woman in New York City, she was a graphic artist and a student of computer science. She even started her own company called, Jenni Farley Designs, Inc. Additionally, she worked with Ignition Nation, a social networking site as their labeled VP. While seemingly, the party monster partner of Snooki, JWoww actually seems to be more calculated in her stardom.

She is engaged to a blue-collar worker who is not famous for his antics or tan. Instead, they appear as any average couple – thrilled to be expecting a new addition to their family. Roger proposed in 2012, after the two landed from a skydiving adventure. The couple, outside the episodes Snooki & JWoww, lay relatively low from the spotlight. It seems celebratory partner, Snooki laps up the attention from the media. Although, there has been a definite calm to Snooki’s once outrageous behavior. She felt so charmed by motherhood, the tiny titan penned a book called, Baby Bumps.

JWoww Announces Pregnancy Snooki Celebrates

JWoww has her own book, which was released back in 2011 titled, The Rules According to JWOWW: Shore-Tested Secrets on Landing a Mint Guy, Staying Fresh to Death, and Kicking the Competition to the Curb. Yes, that is the title of the book. In October, JWoww did ruffle some feathers when she was chatting to a TMZ reporter. She called governor Chris Christie’s views on gay marriage “retarded.” Shortly after, fans showed their distaste for the starlet’s choice of words. JWoww took to Twitter to apologize for her selection of words, stating she was “caught off guard,” as she fully supports gay equality and finds Christie “disgusting and judgmental.”

It seems now 2014 will be opening a new chapter in JWoww’s life. One has to wonder the advice Snooki will try to brandish on the expecting mom. The announcement of the pregnancy was listed on JWoww’s blog and also released on a Christmas card for friends and family. Snooki displayed her celebratory support for her BFF. The two stylish moms will certainly be seen more together as their babies come together for play dates. Congrats JWoww and Roger on your newest addition. Thoughts? Congrats in order? Leave a comment for the happy couple.


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