Kanye West Does Not Think He Is the Next Nelson Mandela (VIDEO)

Kanye West

Anything to do with Kanye West can get major media coverage. Unfortunately for West, his notable persona leaves him vulnerable to people believing even the most obvious of hoaxes. Recently, the Daily Currant just posted a fake interview with the rap icon leading people to believe once again the self proclaimed “Yeezus” was at it again. However, despite what was a rather convincing story, West does not think he is the next Nelson Mandella.

Whether it’s more sad that the world believed that he would say it, or that everyone just flipped on West for no reason is still up for debate. But either way, it is very clear that people were mad. And with fabricated quotes like “Nelson Mandela did a lot of good work, don’t get me wrong. But I think I’m on track to do something even bigger…” it’s not exactly a surprise that they were.

It’s easy to believe that after reading the article that it might be true. Nowhere in the page itself does it say anywhere that the entire website is a satire. The creators leave the discretion up to its readers to discern where fact and fiction part ways. In this case, the truth is West does not think he is the next Nelson Mandella, at least not publicly. They picked a pretty good target with this one since West has gotten into trouble many times before for his over inflated ego, but it might be possible that this is a line that even he wouldn’t cross. Just to be clear, comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, bigger than Wal-mart and what ever the world might interpret from the name “Yeezus” all seem to be fair game.

As a part of the ‘Yeezus’ (speaking of ballsy comparisons) publicity tour, West has made a point of apologizing after some pretty frustrated remarks he had made against Nike. After the sporting clothes mogul refused to pay West any royalties as he isn’t an athlete, the rap star said he was forced to sign with the competitors, Adidas, since he has a family to think about now. However, while transitioning between companies, there might have been some hard feelings along the way.

As far as the mega stars are concerned, all publicity is good publicity and perhaps some more attention, believe it or not, is what West needs. Six months after the release of his latest album, and ticket sales his upcoming concerts are not looking great. Most recently reported, concert venues in Kansas still have over 70% of their seats still available. Good news or anyone looking to get last minute tickets, bad news for the millionaire looking out for his family.

Whether West actually does not think he is the next Nelson Mandella or whether the Daily Current just got to say it before he did can never really be certain. What is for sure, is that the constant media attention between Kim Kardashian (West’s fiancée) and North West (their baby), the world will never have a shortage of unbelievable (and possibly unnecessary) stories.

By Romana Outerbridge

Daily Currant