Killing Game Can Be Costly

Killing Game Can Be Costly

Killing Game Can Be CostlyKilling involves a calculated mind, patience and the will to carry it through.  The quest of the desired, but the yet unknown outcome, can lead to frustration and ticking of the clock.  Patience, perseverance and prayers can play a part as the victim approaches the range of fire.  The pursuit of the prey is in the scope of power from the one that delivers the final blow.  The long awaited killing game can be costly to the man behind the weapon of choice, but can prove priceless in the end.

Each year, millions of avid hunters across America, take to the field to sit in silence as the deer cross their eye’s view.  They have found a mecca of wildlife, they have prepared their minds to do the duty of killing and they have paid out mega bucks for the sport.  Bringing home the bacon takes on a whole new meaning when you can feed your family for the winter by your own deeds.

Killing Game Can Be Costly As our ancestors were hunters and gathers, and did so to survive, man has become accustomed to eating meat.  Living off the land is now an easy thing to do and killing one’s own food is not a necessary function for survival.  Farms and factories raise our cattle, swine and chickens and the oceans provide fresh fish.  It is all processed and packaged, available at a moment’s notice with a quick trip to the store. Killing Game Can Be CostlyStill, the sport of hunting has remained a mainstay and a seasonal tradition throughout the years.  Modern day hunting has become elaborate with all the trimmings of tree stands and equipment, racking up the credit card bills of dedicated bow and rifle toting lovers of the kill.  That first taste of venison can easily get one hooked. Killing an animal is not just for fun.  It can provide satisfaction, kindred bonding of friends and family and more than a couple of meals.  The paraphernalia needed to accomplish the feat has made for big business in outdoor sporting arenas of retailers and online sites.  From chairs, cushions, face paint and scents, the quantity of supplies, clothing, ammo and adornments can rack up a hefty catch.  The price per pound of killing game does not outweigh the time, effort and money that is shelled out along the way.

The deer season is well documented by numerous kills across the country.  Many states in fact rely on hunting to help control the deer population, due to the lack of natural predators.  Each state is governed by the Department of Wildlife and varies even in individual counties.  Hunters, seasoned or new to the sport, should be prepared to have a valid license and permit to do any hunting and also to check in their deer harvest when it occurs.  Restrictions are enforced by age and location and all rules have to be followed in order to take home the killing of the day.Killing Game Can Be Costly

Killing one’s own food can be costly.  Taking time off work, attaining a current license, paying into a camp lease to hunt on property, gear, clothes and more.  Not to mention the cost of butchering and processing the animal and possibly a mounting expense with the prized rack of antlers.  In the end, hunters pay dearly for the sport they love.  It is not just free food.  They have worked hard to earn the honor of the kill and deserve the slim benefits that make up for the dollars they have spent.

The animals, better known as game by a hunter, are the result of skill and camaraderie amongst the ones of a kindred spirit, and simply have become a pawn in the big picture of human survival.  Killing for food these days has become costly, yet priceless, when you consider the benefits of a day well spent in the fields of friendship and family.

Editorial By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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  1. It is a silly notion to claim that killing is killing if you don’t recognize the difference between food and human life you should probably be taken off the streets, as it would obviously be all too easy for you to take a human life.

  2. Killing is killing, whether the victim is an animal, a soldier or your neighbor.

    Or someone who has killed.

    Conscience makes killing impossible.

    — Leon van den Berg

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