Kim Kardashian Defends Her Charity Amount Choice

Kim Kardashian Defends Her Charity Amount Choice

Kim Kardashian has been under fire from the public lately after announcing that she will give 10 percent of her eBay profits to help the victims in the Philippians. However, Kardashian has comeback defending her choice over the amount to give to charity, saying that it should come from the heart.

There have been mixed emotions from fans and non-fans of the superstar. Some fans have applauded her for giving money to the people in the Philippians, who need as much help as possible. However, others have criticized the amount that she is giving, saying that she should give more. She is suspected to be worth around $40 million, making people believe that 10% of her eBay auctions is not enough. Some believe that she should give 100% and cover the eBay fees herself.

Kardashian took to her own personal website to defend her actions. In the blog post, she explained that she does not share all the money that she gives to charity, and that she does it because she wants to. She was raised to believe that giving to the less fortunate is a good thing, and something that is right to do.

The reality TV star also explained in her post that when the numbers for eBay are broken down, about half of the profit goes on fees, whether they are for the listing or PayPal. After that, 10 percent is given away to charity.

As part of defending the amount she chooses to give to charity, Kardashian explained that she gives 10 percent of all her earnings to charity. The eBay auctions are just part of those earnings. In reality, charities and churches around the world are receiving much more from her than regular members of the public.

The backlash came when it was announced Kardashian would put on an eBay auction specifically to give money to those victims after the tsunami in the Philippians. People complained that she was not giving enough when eBay announced that 10 percent of the earnings would go to the charity. This is the minimum amount that the website sets for its charity arm. Fans argue that she should have given more than the bare minimum.

This is not the first charity auction that the reality star has done. In fact, she does monthly auctions and has a charity set up to receive 10 percent each time. The name of the charity changes most of the time, so that everyone has a chance to receive the donations and different people are helped. The charity chosen before this one was the Life Change Community Church, which has received more anger as people find out that this is connected to the Kardashian family.

Kardashian does not get 90 percent of the sales after the auction has ended. Her representatives argue that she does not receive a profit, once the eBay fees are taken into account.

Whether people agree with her or not, Kardashian has a right to defend her choice in the amount she gives to charity. It comes from the heart, and she chose to share her wealth. However, skeptics believe that it is a plot to gain more sales, just to put more money into her own pockets.

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