Spotify Finally Makes Music for Mobile Free

SpotifySpotify is a popular music streaming software for the computer and mobile devices. When using on the computer, it is possible for people to stream it for free, but not on the mobile devices. However, Spotify has announced that it will finally make its music available for free for mobile users. That means those with tablet computers and smartphones will stream as much as they want without the subscription costs.

The company is one of the only music streaming companies to have a fee for the mobile app. This was due to a deal set with the music providers, where people would need to pay a monthly premium to listen to music on the go. The company seems to have suffered with this, especially considering not all music is available on the website. Spotify struggled to break into the US market, which is the biggest and most important for any company dealing with music. Google Play Music Unlimited also caused problems for the company.

This is not going to be another “radio type service”, according to the owners of the Swedish company. The aim is to give people a variety of music while they listen from the devices. To be able to enjoy free music, a user will need to have the settings on shuffle. There is no ability to choose the exact song that will play at any time, similar to a radio station without the ads.

As part of making Spotify music finally free for mobile users, the company will offer the ability to pick a playlist, an album, or an artist to listen to. Personal playlists can also be created, just like the computer version, or playlists already created by the company will be available. Users can also listen to the whole collection of music on the database, although that may not be wise considering there is no ability to pick and choose the songs.

There has always been as issue with the current mobile music set up. Before the new free version, mobile users were forced to pay for the app and for the music listened to after a certain number of tracks. Those who listened to more music would find themselves paying extra every month. It would often beg the question why that user should not just download the track from somewhere like iTunes.

With the ability to create playlists, Spotify has introduced a method to prevent people making playlists of just one song. When this is detected, the app will suggest similar songs and add them in automatically. This also happens if someone tries to create a playlist with one single album.

As well as the changes to the mobile options, new music has been added to Spotify. Led Zeppelin has agreed to offer its music on the website. Before this, the catalog of music has only ever been available for purchase, whether through music stores, Amazon, or online stores like iTunes.

Spotify finally making music free for mobile users is a major change. It will be interesting to see the number of people using the service now. While there are limitations, it is better than being forced to pay for the music.

By Alexandria Ingham

The Verge

The Guardian


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