Kim Kardashian Gives Selfie Instructions

Kim Kardashian Gives Selfie Instructions

Kim Kardashian provided fans with instructions on how to take the perfect selfie today during a taping for Extra TV.  She and her close friend Brittny Gastineau explained that important factors to keep in mind are lighting and camera angle.  These factors were given in addition to the advice of  holding the camera higher rather than lower and knowing your “duck face.” Kim Kardashian explained that she loves the duck face because “it gives you cheekbones.”

It’s hard to argue with advice on self promotion from Kim Kardashian, one of the most watched reality stars of today.  Although it was announced today that she was edged out of the top spot for most searched person of the year by Beyonce on the search engine, Bing, she is still in the number two spot and a great deal of her success can be credited to her skills as a self promoter.  She has over 19 million Twitter followers, has been liked by over 15 million fans on Facebook and is followed by over 11 million users on Instagram.  It’s safe to say then that when Kim Kardashian takes a selfie, people take notice. Just a few days ago, the internet was abuzz after she posted a bathroom selfie, of herself (reportedly sans underwear) and  fiancee and father of her recently born daughter, Kanye West, just before he was to take the stage for a performance in Miami.

While selfies of Kim Kardashian, no doubt all taken in line with her recently provided instructions, may be enough for the masses,  they may not be enough for  fiancee  Kanye West. Kanye has reportedly commissioned the artist Monica Warhol, cousin of famous pop artist Andy Warhol, to paint a portrait of his soon-to-be bride. Kim Kardashian won’t be Monica Warhol’s first celebrity client.  The artist has previously done portraits of rapper Flo Rida and is currently working on a painting of performer Lenny Kravitz.

“Selfies” or self portraits often taken with a cell phone or other digital device have risen in popularity to become the most popular genre of picture, much to chagrin of photographic artists and social media junkies everywhere. Generally, selfies are a way to put carefully cultivated photographs of oneself out there to project the best possible image and appearance.  They are rarely accurate gauges of true appearance. Social media is flooded with these types of photographs leaving at least one critic to refer to them as “the social media equivalent of junk food” and to remark that we’ve given ourselves “Instagram diabetes.”  The recent rise in popularity of SnapChat, a picture messaging platform, particularly among younger users of social media has likewise encouraged a rise in the frequency of selfies.

A recent study in Britain determined that three out of every seven photos taken by 18-24 in that country are selfies.  Another recent study revealed that posting too many selfies to the social media site Facebook can be damaging to your real life relationships. The study found that other than very close friends and family, most  just aren’t that interested in looking at their Facebook  friends’ endless stream of flattering self portraits. Further, those in close relationships with over users of selfies report that they  feel hurt when that person shares more selfies and fun event pictures of themselves than pictures of their family members or significant others.

Looks like Kim Kardashian didn’t get the memo. Perhaps if all over sharing selfie aficionados took Kim Kardashian’s selfie taking instructions to heart, or, more likely, bore a closer resemblance to the star, there would be fewer complaints.

By Michele Wessel


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  1. missuspolly   December 20, 2013 at 6:37 am

    Sorry for showing up late, but just had to note that Monica “Warhol” was revealed to have been neither commissioned by Kimye nor related to Andy Warhol in any meaningful way: neither he nor his family ever heard of her (Family name is “Warhola,” btw, and the real cousins are in their 80s).

    So that’s one less thing to blame K or K for, leaving plenty of time to concentrate on, well, the rest!

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